Method of melting shea butter

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Method of melting shea butter – ” Contents1 Shea butter1.1 Methods of dissolution1.2 Use shea butter for hair1.3 Shea butter to get rid of cracks and linesShea butterShea butter is considered a lipid color, which is extracted from the shea (coconut) or cardi tree, by breaking the nut, then boiling and mixing it, and shea butter is used in many cosmetics and skin care widely, Especially in moisturizing materials, creams and hair skin and chia trees in West Africa only grow, so these trees produce a type of seeds (nuts) and African women make a butter that they have used since ancient times in making wax and cooking Adding body moisture and wood smell.Shea butter contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin F, in addition to some natural fats that deeply moisturize the body, as it is useful in the treatment of skin slices and eczema, but it is best to use them on the The body because its strength is heavy on the face.Methods to dissolve themThe texture of shea butter is solid and is difficult to use directly on the skin, it must be dissolved before use, and of the way to dissolve it, we mention the following:The water bath, and this is done by applying an appropriate amount of shea butter in a gl

1.1 Methods of dissolving it

ass bowl, then the bowl with raw butter is placed in another metal bowl full of water over low heat, so that the butter melts from the steam Given the constant agitation of the butter, then transferred to another bowl after melting it to cool slightly with the constant agitation, then used, to avoid solid roof crystal grains that can harm the skin when using.Microwave: the method is to place the shea butter in a glass container, provided it is not deep and placed in the microwave for two minutes, and after the end of the period, the bowl is removed and the butter is well shaken and Stimulated so that these granules do not form as long as they cool a little and the skin can withstand.Use shea butter for hairAfter dissolving the butter, massage the scalp of the hair and hair well and leave on the hair for a period of not less than half an hour, then rinse the hair well, this method is used three times a week.Shea Butter to get rid of cracks and linesTwo tablespoons of shea butter, two tablespoons of cocoa butter are dissolved by the water bathroom we mentioned earlier, then add three tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of wheat germ oil, one tablespoon of rose water, two tablesp

1.2 Use shea butter for hair

oons of liquid glycerin, mix, mix Well, then put a box until use, and every morning or before bedtime, a circular massage is done with the fingertips for the affected area, and the whole body can be massaged with it, and then left on the skin for a Period of at least two hours, then the area is washed with soap and water, and if the mixture is used by a massage device or a sauna device, the results are better.Was the article useful?

1.3 Shea butter to get rid of cracks and lines

Method of melting shea butter

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