Methods for strengthening and lengthening nails

1 strengthening and lengthening nails

Methods for strengthening and lengthening nails – ” Contents1 strengthening and lengthening of the nails2 methods for strengthening and lengthening nails3 tips for nail lengthening and growth4 reasons to prevent nail growth5 referencesStrengthening and lengthening nailsEveryone is looking for beautiful nails, because brittle nails spoil the beauty and are considered weak nails that can easily squeeze a common problem, and there are three main factors that cause brittle nails, the most important of which are aging, long-term use of nail polish and frequent exposure to water, as weak nails are associated with certain diseases such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, lung disease, psoriasis, lichen, eczema, anemia and fungal infection. Causes also include chemical exposure, frequent use of nail polish remover, dehydration, lack of nutrition, nail injury with wounds or shocks, and it is a reason why the nails do not grow. [1]Methods of strengthening and lengthening the nailsNatural mixtures to lengthen the nailsWhile some natural mixtures come to lengthen the nails, namely:Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a good treatment for weak nails; Because it contains nutrients and healthy substances for nails such as vitamins, pota

2 methods for strengthening and lengthening nails

ssium, magnesium, calcium and iron, in addition to that, apple cider vinegar contains malik acid and acetic acid that rewards the infection that can affect the nails and use apple Cider vinegar to strengthen and lengthen nails is followed by the following method:[1]Ingredients: equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.Method:Mix apple cider vinegar in water, then soak the nails in this solution for a few minutes, gently massage the nails.The method is repeated once a day and in a few days it will notice that the nails are much stronger.Note: The remaining amount of future use can be recorded.Vitamin E: Often the reason for the weakness of the nails does not moisturize them in the necessary way, and vitamin E oil is an excellent treatment to maintain the moisture and humidity of the nails, as it improves and nourishes the health of the nails, and this vitamin is used according to the following Method: [1]Ingredients: one capsule of vitamin E.Method:The capsule is broken and the oil inside is taken.The oil is placed on the nails before going to bed.Rub the nails for 5 minutes.The method is repeated daily for a week or two until the result is observed.For greater benefits, it is

3 tips for lengthening and growing nails

recommended to take vitamin E orally.Tea tree oil: It treats nail tea oil weak, especially when infected by a fungal infection because it is a strong antiseptic, and the infection is diffused, and to use tea tree oil to strengthen the nails, the following is followed:[1]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin E.A few drops of tea tree oil.Method:Mix the oils together.Gently massage the nails with this mixture for a few minutes.Leave the mixture on the nails for 30 minutes.Rinse the nails with warm water.A moisturizer is used to hydrate the nails after drying.The method is repeated twice a day for one month.Sea salt: Sea salt contains many useful minerals for nails and strengthens peeled nails, in addition to removing dead skin cells, adding a wonderful shine to the nails, and sea salt is used in the following method:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of sea salt.Two drops of wheat germ oil.Two drops of lemon oil.Method:Mix two tablespoons of sea salt in a bowl of warm water.Two drops of wheat germ and lemon oil are added.Nails are soaked in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash the nails with lukewarm water, let dry and then use a moisturizer.The method is repeated two to three times a

4 reasons prevent nail growth

week.Vitamins to strengthen the nailsThis is a list of vitamins that must be obtained to strengthen the nails: [2]Biotin: Biotin contributes greatly to the growth of hair, skin and nails, and biotin can be obtained from food sources, or eat its nutritional supplement, as a person must get 30 to 40 micrograms per day of biotin to maintain nail health, and Biotin can be obtained from bananas, avocado and salmon.Folic acid (vitamin B9): Vitamin B9 or folic acid is a vitamin needed for cell growth, which makes it healthy for nail growth, and it can be obtained from leafy vegetables, eggs, beets and citrus fruits, and 400-500 mg per day should be consumed.Vitamin A: It is necessary to strengthen tissues, bones, teeth and nails.Vitamin C: It is known that this vitamin is one of the most vitamins that fight the common cold, and it is important to fight Produce this vitamin, and it can be found in lemons, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.Tips for lengthening and growing nailsTo protect and lengthen the nails, the following should be followed: [3]Remove the nails in one direction, and do not use the path to go and return as this causes the nails to break.To not cut the skin appendages around

the nails, as this allows bacteria to grow in this area.Put oil to moisturize the nails before starting to cool them to beautify their shape, and the nails can be soaked with warm water before using the nail cooler.Use the right tools for each purpose, so don’t use the nails to cut the paper strips, or open the soda can and other tools.Wear gloves when washing dishes and using cleaning materials; Because exposure to water and chemicals exposes nails to weakness and breakage.Leave the nails without painting the nails from time to time, and do not use the nail products for a while, and it is recommended to try a point of olive oil to make them beautiful.Cut the nails in a circular and not square, as this prevents the nails from breaking during shearing.Apply nail protection paint more than once a week.Use nail gel because it strengthens the nails and thus helps them to grow.Causes preventing nail growthWhile the most important reasons for lack of nail growth: [2]Constantly digesting the nails, and this habit suffers from some people and leads to multiple bacterial infection that slows down the growth of the skin and nails in this area, and for this you need to get rid of this habit.U

se the wrong nail polish.Use nails to open cans or cut things or peel them.Installing nails and using gel for this purpose, which prevents the nails from growing properly.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Methods for strengthening and lengthening nails

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