Methods for strengthening nails

1 Introduction

Methods for strengthening nails – ” Contents1. Introduction2 tips for maintaining nails3 natural recipes to strengthen nailsan introductionEvery woman dreams of getting long and healthy nails free of defects and has an attractive and distinctive shape, and this can be achieved with a little constant care and daily moisturizing for the hands and Muslim nutrition that reflects good health on the whole body, and here is My Master some of the natural recipes that you can bring at home to get beautiful and healthy nailsTips to maintain the nailsCut the nails with scissors and cool them with a cardboard cooler.Avoid eating or biting the nails with any sharp tool.Clean the nails daily and remove the aspects that grow at the ends.Dry hands well and use hands of hands.Play the nails for any pressure or violent movement.Natural recipes to strengthen nailsSalt and lemonPut the amount of one tablespoon of salt with half a cup of natural lemon juice, a cup of warm water and mix the ingredients well, then soak the hands for ten minutes, then wash and dry hands well.Oil and lemonMix every three tablespoons of vegetable oil with one and a half tablespoons of natural lemon juice, then scrub your hands and nails with a toothbrush, t

2 tips to maintain nails

hen wash your hands with cold water and dry them well.sunflower oilMix an egg yolk with a tablespoon of sunflower oil, then rub the nails and hands and leave the mixture for ten minutes until it dries completely and wash your hands with warm water.Natural apple cider vinegar creamBring a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of olive oil and egg yolks, and mix these ingredients until you have a soft paste, put it on the nails inside and outside rubbing the hands and let it dry, then wash your hands well.LemonadeSoak your nails with lemon juice for ten minutes, then wash and dry them well, you will get white, beautiful and strong nails.Healthy foodEat natural juices rich in high value nutrients with protein, zinc and calcium, such as: milk, soy, cucumber juice and carrots, with all types of fruits frequently and amounts of water to save the moisture of The body and skin that reflect positively on the skin and nails.MassageMassage the hands and legs with olive oil from top to bottom to stimulate blood circulation and give the skin an organic color with a distinctive freshness.Ready-made creamsThere are many types of moisturizers and ready-made creams in drugstores and c

3 natural recipes for strengthening nails

osmetics to take care of the beauty of the nails and strengthen them, they can be used and the use of materials that contain a large percentage of fruits and acids that increase the The power and health of the nails, and despite this, the preparation of these moisturizers and strengthening at home reduces the cost of materials, it gives similar results to ready.Was the article useful?

Methods for strengthening nails

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