Methods of body care

1 Follow a healthy diet

Methods of body care – ” Contents1 Follow a healthy diet2 Pay attention to personal hygiene3 Exercise4 Other body care methods5 referencesFollow a healthy dietIt is advisable to follow a healthy and integrated diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, proteins and milk, which provide vitamins and minerals that the body needs such as iron and calcium, ensure breakfast, choose healthy snacks between meals, reduce sugars, and drink more water. [1]Attention to personal hygieneThe interest in personal hygiene contributes to the achievement of a healthier body, it also improves the feeling of contentment towards the soul, and the attention is achieved by personal hygiene by bathing and washing the whole body from the head to the soles of the feet, and making sure that The hair is washed regularly and the use of sweat remover, skin care preparations and make sure to wash hands with soap before eating, and after using the bathroom, or removed the garbage, after cleaning the nose or coughing in order to The drop on germs. [1]ExerciseIt is recommended to exercise regularly; Because it helps to improve energy, improve the mood and sleep better, it also improves mental ability and improves the overall health of the

2 Attention to personal hygiene

body; Therefore, we should take care to be part of the daily routine, whether it is air sports, pregnancy or expansion. [2]Other methods of body careThere are many ways to take care of the body, including:Sleeping for enough hours: sleeping for enough hours during the night gives the body to the activity and energy the next day, as it helps to increase brain concentration, remember, solve problems and fight diseases,[1] so it is advisable to sleep Between seven to eight hours to avoid stress and mood per day next and improve the feeling of activity. [2]Attention to health and dental hygiene: it is recommended to clean the teeth and gums after eating meals and main snacks using brush, toothpaste and floss to clean the teeth, in order to get permanently healthy teeth, reduce the accumulation of plaque and lime, on them, and maintain a refreshing mouth odor. [1]Leaving bad habits: it is advisable to determine the bad habits in which the individual has engaged, whether it is smoking or a lot of alcohol or sufficiency, or even drug use, and then take steps to reduce or get rid of them permanently. [2 ]]Attention to the skin: it is possible to pay attention to the skin by following these

3 exercise exercise

tips: [3]Reduce the time of bathing and bathing in warm water; Because hot water and shower for a long time rid the skin of its natural oils.Use a mild cleansing soap.Moisturize the skin with an appropriate moisturizer.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 other body care methods

Methods of body care

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