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Methods of caring for the skin – ” Contents1 skin care2 methods and recipes for taking care of the skin3 skin care tips4 referencesSkin careSkin care, regardless of its color, is a standard for its beauty, making it free of blemishes and scars, as it is exposed to many harmful factors that affect the outer layer of the skin, including pollution, sunlight, makeup and Eat bad meals, where they must be taken care of in a natural inexpensive way, in this article, we will clarify the natural methods of the house that make it bright and fresh. [1]Methods and recipes to take care of the skinRecipe for oat milk and yogurtOats help to exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate on their surface, making it a new healthy skin. And its method is:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oatmeal.Two tablespoons of yogurt.One tablespoon of to prepare:Mix all the ingredients together to make a paste.Apply the mixture to the skin and massage it with your fingers in circular motions to remove dead skin cells.Keep the mixture on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then massage it and wash it off with cold water.Dry the skin and apply a sulfur moisturizer on it.Repeat this process once a week or every two weeks, de

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pending on the sensitivity of the skin.Lemon recipeLemon helps to get rid of dead skin cells and naturally whiten the skin; It contains lemon acid and vitamin C, which reduces spots by regenerating skin cells. And its method is: [1]Ingredients: a little lemon juice.How to prepare: Put lemon juice on the skin and neck for 10 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.Otherwise:Half a lemon and add two tablespoons of honey, then put it on the skin for 15 minutes and wash it.Repeat this process 3 or 4 times a week.Note: Be sure to try the lemon recipe on a hidden area of the skin to avoid the appearance of any signs that indicate an allergic reaction such as redness and irritation of the skin, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.Coconut oil recipeCoconut oil maintains the moisture of the skin when it penetrates the skin tissue; Because it sings with antioxidants that give a vital skin. And its method is: [1]Ingredients: a little warm coconut oil.How to prepare:Heat the coconut oil, then apply it to the skin.Massage the oil on the skin for several minutes, keep it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Repeat this process once a day or every day.Papaya, banana

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and honey recipePapaya and bananas are a fruit that makes dry skin soft, because papaya helps to remove dead skin cells, while bananas help to moisturize the skin. And its method is:[2]ingredients:An amount of papaya pieces.Amount of banana.A little to prepare:Mash Papaya and Bananas, mix them together, then add honey to make a soft paste.Put the paste on the skin, let it dry, then wash it with normal water.Earth clay and rose water recipeMultani Mitti is one of the most important recipes used in homes, because it contains beneficial and nutritious minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, iron and silica. It is best to mix it with rose water to keep the moisture of the skin, which helps to calm and rejuvenate the skin. And its method is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of ground clay.1 teaspoon of rose to prepare:Clean the skin, then dry it.Mix the ground clay with rose water to make a rough paste.Put the mixture on the skin until it dries and make sure not to apply it on sensitive areas on the face, like, under the eyes or mouth.Rinse the face with lukewarm water 5 minutes after applying it.Repeat this recipe 2-3 times a week.Honey, lemon juice, milk and almond oil rec

ipeHoney helps to moisturize and whiten the skin, as it removes youthful love scars and age spots; It contains antibacterial properties. And its method is:[3]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of lemon juice.One tablespoon of powdered milk.Half a teaspoon of almond oil.How to prepare:Mix all the ingredients and apply it to the skin.Gently rub the mixture on the skin, keep it for 10 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.Recipe for aloe veraAllafira helps to reduce pigmentation, regenerate skin cells and is considered one of the best treatments for the problem of young love. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: one leaf of Alleafira.How to prepare:Cut the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel.Put the aloe vera gel on the skin for half an hour, then wash it with water.Repeat this process twice a day within two weeks.Recipe for yogurt milkYogurt is one of the most important home remedies for the skin, because it opens the skin; Because it is rich in lactic acid and foodstuffs beneficial to the skin. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: a little yogurt.How to prepare:Prepare a little milk, apply it to the skin and rub it.Keep the milk on the skin for several minutes, then wash

it with warm water.Repeat this process once a day for several weeks.Children’s oil recipeChildren’s oil is used to take care of an area around the eye. And its method is: [4]Ingredients: A few drops of pediatric oil.How to prepare: Put a little oil on your hands, massage around the eye with your fingers for a minute to two minutes, then wipe it with a cloth.Sandalwood, honey and egg yolk recipeSandalwood oil helps in anti-aging. And its method is:[5]ingredients:A quantity of sandalwood oil.A quantity of honey.Egg yolk.How to prepare: mix the ingredients, then put them on the skin, then wash.Recipe for rose waterRose water cleanses the skin, balances it, which reduces the appearance of excess oil and reduces its dryness. And its method is:[6]ingredients:One cup of rose petals.Two cups of distilled to prepare:Wash the rose petals in cold water with a little white vinegar to remove the chemicals.Put the rose petals in a heatproof bowl, add boiled distilled water and cover it.Soak the petals for 30 minutes, then strain the boiling water with a sealed bottle and place in the refrigerator.Soak a cotton ball in a small solution and apply it to the skin.Repeat this process once o

r twice a day.Skin Care TipsThere are many tips that should be taken for skin care, including:[7]Drink more water, which is equivalent to two liters a day to have a youthful and glowing skin.Get enough sleep.Cleaning and moisturizing the skin, as it aims to remove layers of makeup and other harmful factors such as: harmful bacteria, weaving and excess oils on the skin.Using a sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful sunlight, as the sunscreen product should contain an SPF rating of at least 30%.Peeling the skin to remove dead skin cells.Eat useful fruits and vegetables.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Methods of caring for the skin

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