Methods of cleaning the body

1 Cleaning the body

Methods of cleaning the body – “Contents1 clean the body2 ways to clean the body3 General ways to maintain personal hygiene4 referencesbody cleansingCleaning the body is one of the intuitive things that we must do on a daily basis, because hygiene is one of the necessities that the body needs to be in the best body, and the best appearance, just as hygiene protects against diseases, Beautiful human form, and makes it acceptable among people, and it is from the innate things that religion urged and made it related to faith and acts of worship, is not allowed to perform most acts of worship, except by purifying and cleaning the body. [1]Methods of cleaning the bodyHow to cleanse the body continuously: [2]Bathe regularly and continuously at a rate of at least three times a week, especially in the summer due to the increase in body perspiration, and the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the event of neglect of the bathroom and washing.Be sure to wash your hands before and after eating to get rid of germs and microbes.Cleaning teeth with brush, toothpaste and dental floss daily, especially before bedtime and after meals, so that the remains do not accumulate in the mouth, and the smell is released, as well as to pr

2 Ways to clean the body

event tooth decay.Maintain the hair on the head, styling it daily and washing it regularly to prevent any type of parasites.Get rid of excess hair that grows periodically on the body, especially hair that grows in sensitive areas and hair under the armpit, as it is considered fertile areas for sweating, growth of bacteria and germs, and the release of bad smell.Establish continuous fingernails and do not extend them, as they are considered a fertile environment for dirt and grime, and transmission of diseases.Make sure to change underwear daily and regularly replace outer garments so that accumulated dirt does not move to the body, with the need to wear cotton clothes to absorb sweat.Maintain a scented body odor, using perfumes, sweat movers, lue, water and soap.Constantly exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin and black layers, especially in the knees and elbows.Change socks daily and choose well-made shoes and ventilation to avoid obsolete foot odor.Always clear the nose of mucus and keep it clean.Avoid using body cleansing goals for anyone and identify personal goals to use; Such as: Lap pigeon, hairbrush, shaving machine, hair removal machine, towels and pashakir.General me

3 general means to maintain personal hygiene

ans maintaining personal hygieneConditions for maintaining full cleanliness of the body: [3]Do not use public toilets and public baths, except for the greatest necessity, to avoid the transfer of dirt and pathogens to the body.Constantly get rid of blackheads on your skin.Avoid wearing other people’s clothes, especially if they are not washed and sterile.Do not sit in dirty places and environments that contain dirt that are transmitted from the environment to the body.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Methods of cleaning the body

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