Methods of lightening dry skin

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Methods of lightening dry skin – ” Contents1 dry skin2 causes of dry skin3 dry skin tips4 Mask to moisturize dry skin5 mask to clear the skin6 video recipes to lighten the skinDry skinEvery girl dreams to get a perfect skin without problems, and dry skin is one of the problems we can face, because it leads to a faster appearance of wrinkles in the face, especially in an area around the eyes and mouth, and a dry skin is strongly affected by environmental factors, such as wind, higher temperatures, in addition to these, they are affected by air conditioning devices, and the skin becomes unattended, without vitality, and we will learn in this article to solve and treat dry skin Problems and ways to lighten them.Causes of dry skinLack of secretion of sebaceous glands in the skin, which leads to dryness.Genetic factor.Unhealthy foods, as it is free of proteins and vitamins that provide the skin what it needs, and we mention in particular the ABC vitamins.Bad environmental factors, such as very cold winds, or a very hot sun.Dry skin tipsAvoid using hot water in cleaning the skin, replace it with lukewarm water and avoid bathing in hot water for more than ten minutes, use a bad commercial soap, use soap without alkaline,

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add a moisturizing cream while bathing, and also as soon as you leave the bathroom, to restore moisture to the skin.Use different oils to moisturize the skin, especially mentioning almond oil or moisturizing creams.Always use masks that moisturize dry skin.Use odorless products, alcohol and alkaline materials.Avoid all skin cleansing products, as they contain drying materials.Avoid the sun as much as possible and use sunscreen continuously, especially in summer.Follow a balanced and healthy diet, drink large amounts of water daily, avoid soda water and smoke.Mask to moisturize dry skiningredientsEgg yolk.One tablespoon of orange juice.Rose water – as necessary -.Drop lemon.How to prepare, mix the ingredients together, put on the face for fifteen minutes, then wash the face.Mask for lighting the skiningredientsOne tablespoon of honey.Three tablespoons of almond oil.One tablespoon of dry milk.Drops of lemon juice.How to prepare, joke ingredients together, until we have a homogeneous and harmonious mixture, then put it on the skin for fifteen minutes, and continue to put it for two weeks, and allow two days a week to say.There are many types of vegetables and fruits that help to ligh

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ten dry skin, eating it continuously, and we mention grains, garlic and eggs because it provides the skin with protein and sulfur needed to lighten the skin, in addition to the sun and carrots, and also stay away from eating fried foods, coffee and chocolate.Video recipes for skin lighteningTo learn more about skin lightening recipes, see the video.Was the article helpful?

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Methods of lightening dry skin

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