Methods of skin care

1 protect the skin from the sun

Methods of skin care – ” Contents1 Protect the skin from the sun2 Clean and moisturize the skin3 Follow a healthy diet4 Skin care tips5 referencesProtecting the skin from the sunThe sun is exposed to the appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin, in addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, so sunscreen should be used at least the degree of protection (SPF 15), and apply it well to the skin, and report it every two hours or more in the case of sweat or swimming, in addition to not being exposed to the sun between ten o’clock in the morning and the second hour of the afternoon, because this is the period when the sun Rays are strong and make sure to wear protective clothing, cover the skin with long sleeves, long pants, hats or wear special and specially designed to protect against UV rays. [1]Clean and moisturize the skinTake care to clean the skin and moisturize it daily Helps to remove oils and dirt, the effects of makeup from the skin and make sure to moisturize the skin, it is important for all skin types even for oily skin, taking care to use the appropriate type of moisturizer for the type of skin, whether dry, normal or oily. [2]A healthy dietIt is necessary to follow a healthy diet, such

2 Clean and moisturize the skin

as eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins, where some research indicates that a diet rich in vitamin C, low fat and repeated carbohydrates helps regenerate the skin, skin cells and younger skin. [1]Skin Care TipsThere are some things that should be considered to maintain healthy skin, including:[3]Avoid exposure to direct heat, as heat increases skin infections and collagen breaks down in the skin.Peel the skin twice a week and make sure to exfoliate the skin of the face and body, and according to what Dr. Gohara said, the body loses 50 million skin cells per day and accumulates it works on the skin of the skin.Be sure to clean the makeup bed regularly.Avoid wearing tight clothes when you have pimples, as they prevent the skin from breathing, and thus irritation. [4]Remove makeup before going to sleep and make sure you choose the right and proper skin cosmetics for the skin. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Following a healthy diet

4 skin care tips

Methods of skin care

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