Methods of whitening the skin

1 Blood whitening

Methods of whitening the skin – ” Contents1 Blood bleaching2 RAH bleaching masks3 telescopes to keep the skin fresh4 side effects of bleaching preparations and their risks5 referencesBlood whiteningEvery girl who is interested in her beauty dreams of getting a clear white skin; Where some girls believe that white skin makes them more beautiful and attractive, but with continuous exposure to the sun of the sun, the skin is tinted, and it becomes dark over time, and for this, it can be used as whitening or beautification to hide themselves These dyes, but they are used wrongly; Which harms the skin and shows it darker.Although there are many preparations to lighten the skin in the market, they may not be suitable for some skin types, especially sensitive skin; Because it contains chemicals that can be captured by the skin, and for this, it can be used as an alternative, preparing natural recipes that open up the color of the skin, and give it a natural appearance naturally and with ease, which is less harmful and expensive than chemical bleaching preparationsWhitening masks gentlyIf you want to have a clear and white skin, there are many recipes for skin whitening, and it is always recommended to wash the face befo

2 rahs whitening masks

re using these masks and after; The sun should not be exposed while it is placed; In order to avoid the occurrence of interactions between the sun’s rays and the materials used in the manufacture of masks, which will expose the skin to unlimited problems, and some of these recipes come:Lemon juice: Lemon juice is used as a natural product to lighten the skin, and this recipe is used two to three times a week, and the results will notice after the third or fourth week of its use, and you just need to mix an amount of lemon juice with the same water, then wipe the face with this using a smooth cotton, washing it 15 minutes later with lukewarm water, and then put on the skin moisturizer; Because lemon can make the skin a little dry, and you should pay attention to the lack of sun exposure when you put lemon, and make sure to wash the face well before leaving the house. [1]Al -zubadi and Al -awsal: Al -zubadi is used for some to whiten the skin and peel it, and to achieve this end, the amount of honey is mixed with the same amount of al-zubadie, and the mixture is placed on the face, and washed after 15 minutes with warm water, and it can be replaced by avocado or aloe vera; Their resu

3 Telescopes to preserve a fresh skin

lts are excellent. [1]Flour paste: wash the face well, then add enough lemon juice or milk to a quarter cup of flour; To get a consistent paste, it is placed on the face 15 minutes, and then washed with warm water. [1]Chamomile: Chamomile is prepared with boiling water, rose water, honey and applied to the skin. [2]Oatmeal: Mix a quantity of oatmeal with cnuminous juice and apply on the face. [2]Bananas: bananas contain potassium and vitamins that are useful for the skin of the skin, and to benefit from them, mashed banana mixed with an appropriate amount of honey and good milk, and the mixture is placed on the face. [3]Potatoes: The face is thrown with potato juice only without adding other materials. [3]Mint leaves: Some fresh mint leaves are placed directly on the face; From 10 to 15 minutes. [3]Tomato juice: crush a good tomato and add a teaspoon of baking soda and other honey; The mixture is placed on the face and neck until it dries, then wash with water. [4]CEDAR: Mix a teaspoon of rice powder with an appropriate amount of milk, then add a banana or apple pieces, and it is possible to add a teaspoon of oats, then put the mixture on the face and neck, and after 15 minutes The

4 side effects of whitening preparations and their risks

y wash with water. [4]Telescopes to preserve fresh skinAfter identifying the skin whitening recipes, some tips should be followed to keep their freshness and beauty, and these tips are:[1][5]Stay away from the use of chemical bleaching preparations containing white and ammonia; These are materials that are harmful to the skin, cause skin damage and with the passion of the epidemic, the color of the skin becomes dark.Exfoliate (English: exfolia) regularly; As its exfoliation regularly is necessary for every lady, and a natural exfoliation can be used from sugar or salt; Where the body is filled with water, and the scrub is applied or on the skin, with a gentle circular motion, and oatmeal can also be used as a natural and gentle peeling for the face.Moisturize the skin; Keeping the skin constantly moisturizing prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells and it is advisable to use a moisturizer without alcohol; It increases the dry skin and natural humans can be used, such as:Indian coconut oil: is a wonderful moisturizer, and the skin appears in a healthy appearance.Jojoba and Xitone: two popular natural moisturizers, and they will receive wonderful results after their use.Stay awa

y as much as possible from the sun’s rays and use a sunscreen suitable for the skin; It is true that the sun is important and its benefits for our multiple bodies; Because it provides us with the vitamin D that we lack in our food, but exposure to the sun for long hours leading to its dryness, exposing it to burns and many problems.Side effects of bleaching preparations and their risksThe manufacture of bleaching preparations spread in all parts of the world in abundance, and despite the pursuit of manufacturers of these preparations for the manufacture of safe products that could be possible, but this has caused the appearance of some side effects in some of its The users, including the simple ones that disappear as soon as the use of the prepared, get it or treatment, and from these risks the following: [6]Some preparations can cause the appearance of young.Stretch marks.This can lead to damage.Studies and experiments have shown that the reason for the appearance of side effects of the use of some whitening preparations is that they contain chemicals that cause many health problems for humans, and from these substances: [6]Hydroquinone: This substance is caused by skin cancer.Mer

cury: This item leads to the destruction of the mind.Arsenic: This leads to lung, kidney and lobby cancer.Alpha Hydroxyl: Due to the seriousness of this item; It is subject to strict control by responsible medical authorities; When used in the cosmetic industry.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Methods of whitening the skin

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