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Mix to remove freckles – ” Contents1 lemon2 honey and eggs3 Aloe Vera4 Video on the treatment of freckles5 referencesLemonLemon can be used to reduce visible freckles on the face through one of the following recipes: [1]Lemon slices: Lemon can be sliced and put these slices on freckles, leave them for ten minutes, then wash the skin with warm water and dry it with a soft towel, then put a light moisturizer because lemon dries the skin, And it is recommended to repeat it once a week.Graptre of lemon and sugar: Lemon can be used as a scrub to remove dead skin cells and relieve freckles by cutting the lemon into two halves and squeezing, then adding half a teaspoon of white sugar and leaving the areas affected by freckles For a period, lies between two minutes, to three minutes, then wash the skin with warm water, dry it with a soft towel, apply the appropriate moisturizer for the skin and repeat this scrub once a week.Lemon and parsley: lemon juice can be used with parsley, by pureeing parsley to get its juice, then mix it with lemon juice and apply it on the skin for a quarter to half an hour. [2]Honey and eggsThere are two honey recipes that can be used to remove freckles:Honey and eggs: the mixture of hon

2 honey and eggs

ey and eggs reduces the pigmentation of the skin in general, and it can be prepared by whipping an egg with a tablespoon of honey, applying the mixture to the places of freckles on the skin, leaving it almost Half an hour, and then rinsing the skin with warm water, and then with cold water, repeating the recipe two to three times a week. [2]Honey and sugar: Honey can be mixed with sugar and the mixture is used as a scrub, as it reduces pigmentation. [3]Aloe veraAloe vera works to smooth the skin and relieve freckles, and it can be used by applying an aloe vera gel on the skin before going to bed, leaving it until the next morning, washing the face with cold water and repeating the recipe regularly two to three times a week. [2]Freckle Treatment VideoTo learn more about freckles and how to treat them, you can watch the following video:[4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

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Mix to remove freckles

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