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Mix to strengthen nails – “Contents1 weak nails2 natural mixtures to strengthen nails3 causes of weak nails4 tips for strong nails5 referencesWeak nailsNails become weak due to neglect, lack of care and symptoms of weak nails are easy breakage, dryness and brittleness, slow growth, yellowing and color change. [1]Natural mixtures to strengthen nailsNails can be strengthened by following a healthy lifestyle, improving diet, as well as using simple mixtures that strengthen nails, including:[1]Olive oil and lemon juiceOlive oil contains nail strengthening characteristics, as it moisturizes it, repairs it and applies to it and the surrounding skin, and warm olive oil can be massaged on the nails and surrounding skin, and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it with water, and repeat it 2-3 times a day, or make a mixture of a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, and the way is:[1]ingredients:3 teaspoons of hot olive oil.One teaspoon of lemon juice.how to prepare:Mix the ingredient and the mixture is placed on the nails with a piece of cotton.Let dry, then soft cotton gloves are worn.Leave overnight.Rinse with warm water the next morning.Lemon juice, sea salt and rose petalsThis natural mixture helps to strengt

2 natural mixtures to strengthen nails

hen the nails, brightening their color, making them healthier, powerful and its method is:ingredients:1 tablespoon of sea salt.1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.Half a liter of warm water.Add rose petals, or two drops of aromatic rose oil possibly.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients, soak the nails in the mixture for 15 minutes.The nails are rinsed well, then a moisturizer is placed on the hands, nourishing oil or butter.The treatment is repeated daily for two weeks.Olive oil, honey and eggsThis mixture is used to strengthen the nails, make it more flexible, less fragile, in addition to it is moisturized for the hands, and the results of their use appear in 2-3 weeks, and the following is mentioned its method:ingredients:4 tablespoons of olive oil.Two tablespoons of natural honey.One egg.How to prepare:Heat the olive oil until it becomes hot, with an urbanization that can be touched comfortably.Reduce the egg, then mix the oil, honey and eggs and soak the nails in the mixture for 10-15 minutes.Hands are washed with warm water only, without using soap.This mixture is repeated twice a week.Green teaThis mixture depends on green tea and is considered a strengthening for weak nails, and

3 causes of weak nails

it can be used to prevent its brittleness, in addition to that it removes its yellowing, and green tea can be used in several ways, and the following is mentioned: [1](First method)Ingredients: one cup of green tea.How to prepare: Prepare a cup of green tea, and when it cools, the nails soak for 10-15 minutes, and this method is repeated twice a week.(The second method)Ingredients:2 teaspoons of green tea.A spray of salt.A few drops of wheat germ oil.how to prepare:A nail bath is prepared by mixing the above ingredients, then the nails are soaked in the mixture for 5 minutes.The nails are wiped with a dry piece of cloth.This mixture is repeated twice a week.(Third method)Ingredients:A few drops of green tea oil.Coconut oil or aloe vera gel.* How to prepare: mix the ingredients and massage the nails using this mixture 1 to 2 times a week.Tea tree oilThis mixture is a nail tone, and it can repair damaged nails and can be applied by applying several drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl of warm water, then we soak the nails in the solution, for 3 minutes, for Several times a week, or by other ways:[1]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil or jojoba oil.5-4 drops of tea tree oil

4 tips for strong nails

.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients and gently rub the nails for a few minutes.Leave the mixture on the nails until it dries.Rinse with warm water.This mixture is repeated once a week.Causes of weak nailsThere are many reasons leading to weak nails, which are easily broken, uncovered, peeling or broken, including: [2]Import age.Thyroid gland palate.Using chemicals.Use long-term nail polish.Nails are constantly exposed to moisture, such as: swimming or washing dishes.Tips for strong nailsThere are several tips that can be followed to restore nail strength and achieve healthy nails, including:[1]Continue to take care of the nails to restore the strength; Where nails can’t be strengthened day and night.Eat healthy foods, including those that contain protein, such as chicken, eggs, fat-free meat, low-fat dairy manifest, nuts, seafood, soy, quinoa, beans and tofu.Increased consumption of foods containing biotin, such as salmon, corn, carrots, egg yolk, supposed cereals, soybeans, lentils, Sudanese beans, sweet potatoes and tonsils, and the doctor can also consult to eat the nutritional supplement of biotin.Avoid false nails and nail polish.Do not expose nails to harsh chemicals.Avoid ex

posing hands to water for a long time.Wear gloves when doing nail crafts.Do not cut the skin around the nail.Keep nails short; therefore, the shorter it is, the stronger it is.Stop biting the nails.Avoid picking things up or scratching solid surfaces with nails.Dry nails after bathing or swimming and apply moisturizer to them.Do fingers, feet and nails at least once a month.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Mix to strengthen nails

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