Mixes to remove blackness under the eyes

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Mixes to remove blackness under the eyes – ” Contents1 dark under the eyes2 reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes3 Get rid of darkness under the eyes4 referencesBlackness is under the eyesThe area around the eye is one of the most sensitive areas of the face; Because it contains no glands or fats and is a very thin layer of skin; Therefore, it is the best area that can reflect the color of blood, and the dark color under this area reflects that the blood is loaded with amounts of toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, and it can also be considered as an endoscope for the health and livelihood of the body; As a body, as soon as it gets rid of the reasons leading to the occurrence of dark circles, the skin naturally returns; Therefore, we will first talk about the main reasons for their occurrence, so that we can develop appropriate solutions to them. [1]The reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyesReasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes: [2]Anemia (blood poverty); While the woman is exposed to lose amounts of blood each month during its monthly rotation, and after birth or when bleeding sometimes occurs, which makes her most vulnerable to blood poverty, if you do not no

2 Reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

tice to compensate for blood blood the blood and iron deficiency through rich foods, such as: fresh vegetables, starves, meat, liver, nuts or compensation through iron medications, vitamins and nutritional supplements.Insomnia and not sleeping regularly, in which case you should pay attention to the organization of sleep times and the reduction of permanent stay.Frequent exposure to chemicals, especially cosmetics.Lack of drinking water and dryness; because not drinking enough water reduces the freshness of the face and dry vessels and blood vessels, which leads to the appearance of black under the eye.Reduction of blood pressureDelightful and nervous fatigue.Getting rid of the blackness under the eyesTo get rid of the blackness under the eyes, you need to follow the following: [3]Attention to the nutrition of balanced health and emphasizing the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and folic acid.Get enough sleep at a rate of 7 to 8 hours per day and reduce the possible stay.Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, to avoid dryness of the body and blood vessels.Avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.Stay away from things that cause anxiety, s

3 Get rid of blackness under the eyes

tress and try to relax and calm down.Consult a doctor before using medications that can lead to swollen eyes or increase black under it.Use natural materials, where green tea bags are placed after finishing them on the eyes for a few minutes; the eyelids are calmed and reduced dark circles, and cucumber slices work as an effective treatment for dark circles and take care of the area around the eyes.Reduce from time to time the use of computers, resting eyes and using drops that prevent dry eyes.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Mixes to remove blackness under the eyes

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