Moroccan natural recipes for dry skin

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Moroccan natural recipes for dry skin – ” Contents1 dry skin2 natural Moroccan recipes for dry skin3 tips for healthy skinDry skinDry skin is one of the skin types most affected by external factors such as: different weather fluctuations, such as exposure to a cold antenna or harmful sunlight, and can be moistened with natural recipes, and what we find out about a group of natural Moroccan recipes for dry skin.Natural Moroccan recipes for dry skinArgan oil and Moroccan clayIngredients:Four teaspoons of argan oil.Eight teaspoons of Moroccan clay.Two teaspoons of liquid natural honey.Half a tablespoon of rose water.One fresh, mashed avocado.How to prepare:Put the wedges and Moroccan clay oil in a large bowl and mix well.Add the natural honey, rose water and avocado, while continuing to mix with a tablespoon, until the ingredients overlap well.Cleanse the skin with soap and water.Apply the resulting mixture all over the skin, with a good massage for a period varying between five and ten minutes using the tips of the fingers.Leave it on for a third of an hour, until it dries completely.Wash the skin with warm water and soap well, then apply the skin with a moisturizer.Eggs and honeyingredients:Zalal Egg.Half a tablespoon of

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natural liquid honey.Half a tablespoon of corn to prepare:Put the egg in a large bowl and whisk it well with a fork.Add the honey and oil.Mix all ingredients well.Put the resulting mixture on the affected areas and distribute it well to cover it completely.Leave it for less than fifteen minutes, until it dries well.Rinse it with cold water, with this recipe once used per day.Cucumber and yogurtingredients:Half a cup of yogurt.Half a grain of fresh to prepare:Put the cucumber pill in the electric blender and grind it well.Add the yogurt and mix well.Put the mixture on all parts of the skin, taking into account that you stay away from the eyes of the eyes, while rubbing it with light for a period ranging between two and five minutes with the fingertips.Leave it for ten minutes, until the skin absorbs it completely.Wash the skin with plenty of warm water and soap, with this recipe several timesTips for skin healthEat large amounts of water to moisturize.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Use natural materials that are free of chemicals that damage them.Follow a healthy and useful diet, which contains all the nutrients that the skin needs.Get enough rest and relax

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at night.Stay away from smoking.Was the article helpful?

Moroccan natural recipes for dry skin

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