Moroccan recipes to whiten facial skin

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Moroccan recipes to whiten facial skin – “Contents1 face whitening skin2 Moroccan recipes for face whitening3 referencesFacial skin whiteningThe Moroccan bath is one of the ways to cleanse the skin for centuries, with the aim of softening the skin and resting the muscles, as it eliminates the layers of dead skin, and this is done by filling the bathtub with hot water to cleanse the pores, then using black soap, and this method also gives the skin the required nutrition, the Moroccan bath eliminates The bath can be hard on the skin due to the addition of strong chemicals, and for this, it is possible to use natural ingredients to make the Moroccan bath instead. [1] [2 2]]]Moroccan recipes for face whiteningMoroccan clayIt can be used by cutting it into small pieces, and then putting these pieces in the bathtub, where Moroccan clay is sold in the form of large pieces, and when cutting into smaller pieces, it will be easy to use, and yogurt is added to the clay because it contains acid to exfoliate the skin, and this recipe can be prepared according to the following method: [1]Method:Place clay in a bowl, then add water and yogurt.Add a little honey, honey is good because of its antioxidant properties.The bathtub is filled w

2 Moroccan recipes for face whitening

ith hot water and closed the doors of the bathroom and windows, until the steam becomes thick, because the steam allows the opening of the pores.Set steam for 10 to 15 minutes in the bathtub, relaxing and allowing the steam to penetrate the skin.If you feel dizzy, a towel moistened with cold water is placed on your neck, and the door or window is opened while drinking more water.Moroccan black soapThe skin can be cleaned with black Moroccan soap, according to the following method:[1]Method:The bathtub is filled with hot water, and after 10 minutes has passed, you enter the sink, then massage and exfoliate the skin.Add hot water every time the water becomes cold.Black soap is used, massage the body in it and a lather will appear. The skin is rubbed with circular movements from the foot to the shoulders.The face is also massaged with black soap while avoiding the area around the eyes.A piece of cloth is used to rub the skin in order to peel it and get rid of dead skin cells, and this step stimulates the blood circulation in the body.The body is washed well with water.Moroccan soapMoroccan soap is a natural soap to clean the body, and it looks like paste, and it is made with the help

of oil and in traditional methods in Morocco, and it consists of olive oil or argan oil, water and some plant extracts and salts, And this soap benefits the skin because it opens the pores and removes dead cells and peels the skin easily, this soap is characterized by its whole natural ingredients, because it is free of perfumes and chemicals, and other abnormal substances found in most types of loans -Soap made, as it is rich in vitamins A and E, deeply moisturizes the skin, and Moroccan soap removes toxins from the skin, peeling the top layer of the skin, it is also an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, which makes it soft, and it can be used for all skin types, and the way it is used is easy because the skin is washed daily Open Pores, and while the steps to use Moroccan soap: [3]Method:The whole body is rubbed with soap, and it will notice that the foam is little compared to the rest of the other soap.Leave the soap on the body for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, to allow it to penetrate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells.The body is washed with water when finished.Special gloves are used to get the best results at the time of peeling, then moisturize the skin with argan oi

l.oatmealOatmeal is considered an effective natural exfoliation on the skin, as it saves it from dead skin cells and reveals another layer of brighter skin, and it can be used for the face and neck in the following method:[3]Method:Mix a ground oatmeal with a little lemon juice.Rub the face and neck and leave the mask until it dries.Wash the face and neck with warm water or through a clean piece of cloth moistened with water.Repeat once or twice a cider vinegarApple cider vinegar treats many skin problems, such as dark spots on the face or other parts of the body, as it reduces and drifts the spots and makes them disappear, and it is best to use apple vinegar diluted with water because vinegar is strong on the Skin:[3]Method:Reduce apple cider vinegar by combining equal amounts of water and vinegar, as well as adding a little honey to the mixture, then put the mixture on the dark spots.Leave until it dries.This method is repeated once a day for a month to get the required results.Cactus gelAloe vera is one of the healing remedies for burns and sunburns, as it helps to restore the original skin tone and reduces pigmentation, and it can be used by applying aloe vera on the

skin, and left to dry for half an hour before washing the Face wash with water and repeated the method twice a day for two weeks. [3.]]PotatoesPotatoes are a natural ovary of the skin, and stains are removed from them effectively, especially stains caused by sun exposure, and can be used according to the following method:[4.]Method:Peel a potato pill and cut.Add a little rose water, and then put the ingredients in the electric blender.Massage the skin with the mixture and a little honey can be added if the skin is very dry and a little lemon juice for oily skin.Leave the mixture on the skin until it dries.The recipe is repeated regularly until the dark spots disappear or are gone.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Moroccan recipes to whiten facial skin

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