Moroccan recipes to whiten the body

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Moroccan recipes to whiten the body – ” Contents1 body of the body2 Moroccan recipes for body bleaching3 general tips for body whiteningBody BlacksMany suffer from the problem of black body, which occurs as a result of several factors, the most important of which are: continuous exposure to the sun, dryness, friction of clothing in the body, exposure to dust in the air and extreme sweating On hot days, and the body can be whitened with natural recipes, and Moroccan recipes are among the most important of these recipes that have proven effective in whitening the body, and in this article we will introduce you to each other.Moroccan recipes to whiten the bodyMoroccan henna recipeIngredients:Five tablespoons of henna.Eight tablespoons of sugar.Five tablespoons of cloves.One quarter tablespoon of turmeric.Two tablespoons of almond oil.Two tablespoons of sesame to prepare:Mix henna with cloves and sugar, then add both sesame oil and almond oil and stir the ingredients well until they are mixed.Grease the body with the mixture, leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash with warm water and you can use the recipe if needed.Recipe for lemon and glycerinIngredients:Four cups of lemon juice.Four teaspoons of salt.One teaspo

2 Moroccan recipes for body whitening

on of to prepare:Mix the lemon juice, with salt and glycerin, stir the ingredients well until they are mixed, then put the solution in the refrigerator until it cools a little.Grease the body with the solution, before bathing.Olive oil and lemon juice recipeIngredients:Half a cup of bran wheat.Half a cup of brown flour.Half a cup of Tahini.Half a cup of lemon juice.One cup of olive oil.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then close the bowl and put it in the refrigerator until it cools.We wash the body with warm water, dry it from the water, then brush the body with the mixture.Recipe for Moroccan clayingredients:Adequate amount of Moroccan clay.A little chamomile.A little to prepare:Boil the chamomile in water, describe the solution and set it aside to cool.Mix the Moroccan clay with the chamomile solution and stir until the paste is thick.Grease the body with the mixture, leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash it with warm water.General tips for bleaching the bodyRemember to wear cotton underwear, to avoid contact of the body with fabrics that lead to darkening of the body.Drink more water, as water hydrates the body.Avoid sunlight, especially at

3 general tips for body whitening

noon when the temperature is high.Drink plenty of lemon juice, milk and oranges, as these drinks contain many vitamins that hydrate the skin.Use moisturizing oils in the areas where friction occurs.Was the article helpful?

Moroccan recipes to whiten the body

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