Nail biting, its causes is a treatment

1 Causes of biting nails

Nail biting, its causes is a treatment – “Contents1 Causes of nail biting2 Nail bite treatments3 referencesCauses of nail bitingThe causes of nail biting are attributed to many factors, the most important of which are stereotyping, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personal motivation control, depression disorder and mental retardation, in addition to many problems that affect behavior, and sometimes anxiety and tension cod Nails that can be produced from boredom or work pressure. [1]Treatment of nail bitingNail biting can be treated by following one of the following methods: [2]Healthy foodIt is advisable to maintain a healthy food to treat the damaged places due to nail biting, especially foods that contain their components on magnesium and calcium, which leads to healthy and beautiful nail growth that weakens the desire to bite the nails and sulfur minerals that are present in cucumber, grapes, garlic and apples help in the process of healthy nails are healthy, and essential fatty acids that are found in the thickness of tuna, peace, vegetables and nuts and nuts in the preservation of nails and their shine . [3]cut the nailsNail pitting can be treated by cutting the nails, because it will also affect their appearance, bea

2 Nail biting treatment

uty and hygiene, and after the pruning process, the nails need to be cooled to become more beautiful and consistent. [2]PasteIt is possible to get rid of the habit of biting the nails by passing pieces of adhesive on each nail, and leave them throughout the day, with a daily change, and this method is followed for several weeks to get rid of this habit. [ 2]Wearing glovesGloves can be worn to get rid of the habit of biting the nails, as the gloves are converted without reaching the nails by forming an insulating layer, and it can also be replaced by bushes for the nails that perform the same task. [4]Hand and mouth workOne of the ways to get rid of the habit of biting the nails is to occupy the hands and mouth continuously and with various activities, such as: playing tension or occupying the mouth in the chewing gum. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Nail biting, its causes is a treatment

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