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Nail-biting – ” Contents1 Habitual nail biting2 The most important causes of nail biting3 Nail bite treatmentHabitual nail bitingThere are many bad health habits that many people do so that they suffer serious health damage, especially while continuing to practice them, and perhaps the most important of these habits is the habit of biting the nails, because the person bites his nails with his teeth as a result of being exposed to certain circumstances or factors, and this habit is more prevalent in children, but there are good proportions of the rest of the age groups that practice this habit, and it is the habit of biting the nails of the hates and unpleasant habits between people. These are damages, whether at the same level of the nails or at the level of health in general, and in our article we will talk about the most important reasons that led to the emergence of this habit in addition to some effective steps that can be followed to get rid of.The most important causes of nail bitingThe child imitates one of his friends or family members who practice this habit.This habit is a way to empty anxiety and nervous tension, so many people resort to it if they feel tension and anxiety.Let the chi

2 The most prominent causes of nail biting

ld bite his nails freely without parental guidance and direction.Mental weakness is one of the causes of nail biting.The person feels that he is accused of doing an order under pressure and more of his energy, which makes him fearful and anxious, and so he resorted to biting the nails to alleviate this fear.Frequent deprivation of the child is one of his favorite things, like playing with his friends, which creates a state of stress, which makes him bite his nails.Treatment of nail bitingIn case this habit is in children, it must be treated early, in case of neglect, it will spread until it increases, and thus increases the damage, and in the most important steps that can be followed to get rid of this bad habit:Wear the nails with certain materials that prevent a person from biting the nails, such as those used to prevent finger sucking, and these materials are available in drugstores in abundance, or it can be painted with any material once taste.Carry out nails always and take care of them.In case you want to bite the nails, it is possible to put pieces of carrots to bite them, instead of the nails.It is possible to wear gloves.Eliminate anxiety, nervousness and tension.Constant

3 Nail biting treatment

ly chewing gum, it distracts the person from biting their nails.Eat useful and contained foods containing nails.It is necessary to make the scalp is constantly within reach to cut it instead of biting it.Function free time in activities that require the use of hands such as drawing.Was the article useful?


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