Nail bleaching method

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Nail bleaching method – ” Contents1 beauty2 different nail colors3 Nail whitening methods4 referencesbeautyOne of the people who care and occupy them with women, men and children is beauty, and how can I appreciate beauty? , Beauty is defined as an adjective or title called people who like characteristics, attractive attributes, radiance and elegance to different aspects , as there is no uniform measurement of the qualities of beauty, there are different foundations on which are built and a special look that distinguishes beauty, and some women spend a lot of time in beauty salons to get a decent appearance, in terms of hair care, body and nails that have become the basis of elegance and beauty. [1]Different nail colorBeautiful nails are an integral part of the elegance and beauty of the girl or a woman integrated, and we will provide you with several ways to get clean and attractive white nails: [2]First, you should know that the color of the original nails varies from person to person, as is the case with the teeth, because the color of the original teeth is related to the color of the nails, depending on the percentage of body dye and the percentage of calcium and protein in the body.In some women we f

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ind white nails, although they possess black skin, and this is due to the amount of melamine dye in the body that constitute an opposite proportion, that is to say that the word increased the percentage of dye in the body, its The ratio in the nails decreased, which makes it appear bright white, but the owners of the elevation of the skin variety increasing their absorption of calcium are concentrated in the teeth and nails.As for women who like white skin, we find that their nails are forced to ivory color and are close to the color of the teeth and skin, because the percentage of calcium absorption is few, and the owners of this skin must eat juices Rich in vitamin C every morning before eating anything; To help the body absorb the minerals faster and not be released.Nail whitening methodsNow we offer ways to whiten the nails, but do not always keep them white because the basis is the original composition of the genes: [3]Soak the nails with toothpaste for five minutes, then clean them with a brush and warm water.Soak the nails with a little natural lemon juice added with half a tablespoon of salt for ten minutes to get the required nails.Rub the nails with baking soda powder wit

3 Nails whitening methods

h a little water to form a soft paste that does not disappear easily from the nails, then clean them with a toothbrush, preferably allocated to the nails and do not use it for teeth.Grind a little charcoal until it becomes soft, put two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of lemon juice, and mix the materials until we have a soft paste that is placed on the nails and around to also coordinate the color of the edge.After using any of the previous methods, the hands are placed with a creamy solution consisting of warm water and moisturizer for the skin, soak the hands for ten minutes to restore the nails, then cut and cool them in the right way.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Nail bleaching method

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