Nail care methods

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Nail care methods – ” Contents1 nails2 causes of weak nails and break them3 ways to take care of nails4 referencesNailsWhen God Almighty created the woman in which the love of beauty and adornment was deposited to appear in the solution and the softest image, and made her take care of all parts of the body and keep it to get the desired beauty, for she sees it careful in The shape of her body and wishes that her weight does not increase from normal, as she uses different ways to maintain her skin and appear in a bright, bright and vibrant image, uses different masks and oils in order to get beautiful and attractive hair , as it is not forgotten to pay attention and take care of strong, beautiful and consistent nails. [1]The nail consists of the material of keratin in the skin and contains 15% water and mineral salts, and the nails are affected by the power of the bodies and the level of availability of elements and minerals. For example, if there is a lack of calcium quantity in the body, it will indirectly affect the growth of nails. [2 2]]The nails can be exposed to many problems that affect them and cause their bridging and brittleness, which in turn belong to several reasons, including what is due

2 causes of weak nails and breaking them

to the way the person treats nails, including what is due to the lack of certain Elements of the body and some of which are related to certain diseases. Nails and broke them as well as ways to deal with them. [2]Causes of nail weakness and breakageDue to the weakness of the nails and breakage of many reasons, we mention the following: [3]Hypothyroidism, which leads to a lack of hormone secretion.Use chemicals frequently and excessively washed.Blood poverty infection, iron and calcium deficiency in the body.Take certain types of medications, such as acne and diuretics.The nail has been broken due to collision with a solid barrier or cutting it badly.The use of nail polish and its abundance is many harmful chemicals.Methods of nail careTo take care of your nails, follow the following: [4]Eat healthy foods rich in minerals, vitamins and elements that nails need to develop properly and in the right way, especially vegetables, fresh fruit, fish and seafood.Drinking water in appropriate quantities, so the lack of water in the body would cause weak nails.Stay away from using nail polish constantly and choose the types of paint containing nail feedback.Use gloves when using chemical deter

3 Ways to care for nails

gents.Work to trim nails constantly and in the right way.Moisturizing hands and legs, including nails, constantly to maintain their linen and not break them, and it is also useful to moisturize the nails after using water.Grease both hands and nails with almond oil, then wrap them with a hot towel for a quarter of an hour, massage the nails after that and work to get rid of dead appendages, and wash the hands well and dry them with water.One of the useful mixtures to strengthen the nails is a mixture of olive oil formed, and to prepare them a small amount of vinegar and an egg yolk is placed, then the nails are applied to them. [5]Use lemon juice to increase the strength of the nails and protect them from split ends and breakage. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Nail care methods

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