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1 Caring for the nails of the feet

Nail care – ” Contents1 taking care of toenails2 steps and methods of care for toenails3 natural recipes for taking care of toenails and treatment of fungus4 other natural materials to care for toenails5 referencesTaking care of toenailsNail care is usually one of the things that concern women and occupies a large space in her life, and many women want to take care of their feet in general and toenails in particular. Dry feet, rough, brittle and yellow nails Give the woman a sense of discomfort and shame for its poor appearance, so we will know in this article on this article on this article on this article on this article the steps and methods of care for toenails, and some of the members Natural materials are useful to them, and these methods are easy and simple and do not need time, money or effort.Steps and ways to take care of toenailsThese are the most important steps and general tips for taking care of toenails:Trim the ends of the nails straight. [1]Cleaning the nails; Cleaning is the basis of beautiful feet and nails, so it is advisable to wash the feet daily at least to sleep at least and using an antibacterial wash. [2]Peeling; Peeling is known to remove the layers of dead skin, whi

2 steps and methods of care for the nails of the feet

ch show the feet as if they are dry and dirty, so it is advisable to apply the natural foot scrub with massage for several minutes during bathing to remove the dead skin. The natural scrub made of brown sugar and olive oil can be used and you will notice a wonderful softness for the feet. [2]Moisturizer; Moisturizing is a necessary step to get rid of dry feet and nails. Olive oil can be used to massage the nails and feet after washing them, which is an effective treatment for brittle and peeling nails. [2]Avoid placing nail polish during nail care and treatment; This causes dryness to the nails. [2]Remove the outer layer of the toenails. [3]Clean an area around the toenails with a special cleaning needle and make sure it is sterile and clean. [3]Trim toenails regularly, once at least two weeks. [3]Cold nails. [3]Toenails are painted with sophisticated nails. [3]Eat vitamins and biotin pills, according to studies that say that the consumption of vitamin B makes the nails stronger. [4]Avoid using acetone (acetone), as it causes dehydration for toenails. [4]Consult the specialized doctor in case of yellowing on toenails, yellowing is a sign of a health problem in the body, such as pro

3 Natural recipes to care for the nails of the feet and the treatment of fungi

blems in the thyroid gland, editing or sugar disease. [4]Clean an area under the toenails with a toothbrush, placing some soap on the toothbrush and scrubbing the toenails in a gentle manner. [4]Wash the feet daily to prevent fungus infections. [5]The need to dry the feet well after washing them. [5]Soak the feet with warm water for 15 minutes, for the softness of the toenails. A kind of favorite essential oils can be added to the water. [5]Avoid wearing narrow shoes, as it causes fungus on toenails. [6]Natural recipes to care for toenails and treat fungusToenails sometimes develop fungus, which is an annoying problem, and these are some recipes of natural materials to treat this problem: [7]apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar also works to get rid of bacteria and fungus, and its method is:ingredients:The amount of apple vinegar.Equal amount of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well, soak the feet with this solution for 30 minutes, then reduce the nails and feet well.This recipe is repeated daily.Tea tree oilTea tree oil is an anti-fungal and effective treatment, and the method of this recipe is:[7]ingredients:A few dots of tea tree oil.A quantity of coconut oil or olive

4 other natural materials to take care of the nails of the feet to prepare:Mix the oils well and put the toenails and use a cotton ball and leave the oils for 10 minutes, then separate a toothbrush.This recipe is repeated 2-3 times a day.garlic oilGarlic is an anti-fungal, and the method of this recipe is:[7]ingredients:A quantity of garlic oil.Equal olive to prepare:Mix the oils well, put the toenails of the mushrooms, leave for 30 minutes, then wash with warm water and dry well.This recipe is repeated several times a day and the result will appear within two weeks.white vinegarVinegar has an effect in the treatment of toenails, and it also works to balance the pH level of the skin, and its method is:[7]ingredients:The amount of white vinegar.Two quantities of warm to prepare:Mix the ingredients well, soak the feet with solution for 15 minutes, then dry and dry well.This recipe is repeated twice a day.Olive oil and lemon juiceLemon is useful to get rid of toenail fungus, while olive oil gives the feet very soft and the method of this recipe:[7]ingredients:A quantity of olive oil.The amount of lemon juice.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients well, put the mixture on the area affected by fungus, massage them gently, leave

for two hours, then wash well and dry.Other natural materials to take care of toenailsThese are some of the natural materials useful for toenails, namely: [4]Shea butter and almond oil, it is necessary to keep the toenails and keep it soft.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Nail care

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