Nail cleaning methods

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Nail cleaning methods – “Contents1 nails2 materials harmful to nails3 methods of cleaning nailsNailsMany may not be able to be important, but it is considered the first line of defense on the nerve cells concentrated in the tips of the fingers, in addition to that it gives an aesthetic view of the hand, and nails are made of keratin and protein and nails, according to experts and doctors, a mirror of the health of the body, its beauty and brightness indicate the health of the body, and any change in its shape and color, this may be an indication of a specific disease .Harmful nail materialsIn general, balanced foods help to maintain the health and freshness of the nails, and there are other things that can weaken the nails and cause their color change and breakage other than diseases, including:The chemicals used in detergents.Acetone used to remove paint.Repeated use of nail polish, because the coating is a layer on the nails that prevent its ventilation.Faclez the nails because the digestive enzymes of saliva work to eat.Methods of cleaning nailsMethods of cleaning nails in their entirety are easy and do not need a good time, all you need a person are only interested, whose purpose is to remove dead ski

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n around the nails and clean dirt that may be attached under the nails or on their surface.Determination of dead skinThese solutions are available on the market, and this method is used for nails and feet.We put the solution on the edges of the nails, as this helps to soften the dead cells, in preparation for removing them.We use scissors from the dead skin, which is usually at the lower end of the nail cooler, and with a very hypocritical compass.We do the front end of the cooler by removing any dirt stuck under the nails, and also gently to not make our hands.We wash our hands well with soap and water.We put on a moisturizer.Hot water and sodium yakarbonateIt is better to use this method for the toenails, because it is usually strict that the nails of the hands.We prepare warm water and add a little sodium bicarbonate.Soak the foot for fifteen minutes in this solution.We use scissors from the dead skin at the end of the coolant to remove the dead skin.Scrub the nail to clean it with a body brush or a soft toothbrush.It returns the nails to their softness and luster.Then wash the foot with warm water.We put the cream or Vaseline on it.Lemon and baking powderWe prepare a paste of t

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hese materials by mixing a tablespoon of lemon in a spoon of baking powder.We put the mixture on the nails and massage the area with the hand, a body brush or a soft toothbrush.We wash our hands well with hot or cold water.We put a moisturizing cream.This mixture helps to eliminate the yellow color of the nail and to eliminate the dead skin.Glycerin, rose water and lemonWe prepare a paste of one spoon of glycerin, one teaspoon of lemon and two tablespoons of rose water.We put it around the nails and massage it with a soft brush.We wash the hand with warm water and soap.These materials help to clean, soften and moisturize the skin.Was the item useful?

Nail cleaning methods

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