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1 moisturizing cracked nails

Nail crack treatment – ” Contents1 moisturizing cracked nails2 Follow a balanced diet3 Home remedies for nail dressings4 causes of cracked nails5 referencesMoisturizing cracked nailsNails should be moisturized regularly, applying moisturizer after washing hands, bathing, washing dishes or after using nail polish (nail), and it is specifically recommended to use moisturizers that contain proteins such as keratin and collagen, because they strengthen the moisturizers nails and thus increase its resistance to cracking, and moisturizers that contain English (English: lanolin), mineral oils, glycerin and others. [1]Follow a balanced dietTo maintain healthy nails and treat them from a confrontation, it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins such as vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B 12, with the aim of increasing the power of the nails and improve their growth. [2]Home remedies for nail dressingsThere are many home remedies that can be followed to maintain healthy nails and treat them from cracks that may appear, and these treatments include:[3]Coconut oil: it is possible to use coconut oil by warning a small amount, and placing it on the nails with massage for

2 Follow a balanced diet

five minutes, as this helps to moisturize the nails and improve blood circulation, and it is recommended To use it at a rate of two to three times a day.Coconut oil with lemon juice: a quarter cup of coconut oil can be mixed with a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl, soak the nails in the mixture for ten minutes, then wear gloves overnight, and it is recommended to repeat the process several times a week to get good results.Apple cider vinegar: equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water can be mixed in a bowl, soak the nails in the mixture for several minutes and repeat the mixture once a day for best results.Vitamin E oil capsules: use vitamin (E) capsules many benefits to treat the apparent clash on the nails, and it is by emptying the oil from the capsule and putting it on the nails with a gentle massage for five minutes, leaving it for a whole night, and it is advisable to repeat the mixture daily for a week or two for satisfactory results.Reasons for cracked nailsThere are many reasons that lead to nail discord, the most important of which are:[4]Reduced iron level and vitamin B group in the body.Printing and writing largely on the keyboard for the computer or smart de

3 home remedies for nail dresses

vices with touch function.Not moisturizing hands and nails daily and regularly.Use nail polish for long periods of time longer than five days.Use nail dehydration preparations, including nail polish remover.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 causes of nail cracks

Nail crack treatment

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