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Nail decoration methods – ” Contents1 nails2 materials needed when painting nails3 How to paint nails4 methods of decorating nails5 Some things to consider when painting nails6 facts about nail polish7 referencesNailsNails are made up of layers of protein known as keratin and are present at the base of a healthy nail, are soft, solid color, free of stains or any other problem. Nail polish is part of the beauty routine that many do. [In this article we will talk about some facts about painting nails, the materials used when you start painting nails, how to decorate and take care of them, and some things that must be taken into account when painting nails.Materials needed when painting nailsNail polish requires the use of the following materials, namely: [2]Nail cleaning stick.Acetone scrapings (acetone).Colored nail polish if needed.Cotton ball.Clear nail polish.How to paint nailsTo achieve elegant and beautiful nails, like those in salons, the following steps are applied:[2]Clean the nails before applying nail polish, and if there are traces of an old layer, it is removed with the help of paint remover.Wash your hands well with warm water and clean the nails with a nail stick.Allow nails to dry or blow dry

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before applying special nail polish; nail polish does not stick to wet nails.The application of nail polish by passing the nail brush over the opening of the inner box – to remove excess paint – then put the brush on the nail with a smooth bottom, while slowly stirring along the nail, where each tip Need three passes of the brush, and the first stroke with the brush starts from the middle of the nail, then the left side, the right side, and then leave the nail until it dries completely before applying a second layer with the same steps .Pay the rest of the nails in the same way, taking into account that there is no effect of nail polish on the skin. And if the paint is spilled on the skin, it is removed with the help of a cotton drained with nail polish remover.Apply a coat of clear nail polish to protect the previous paint after it is completely dry and to increase the shine of the nails.Methods of decorating nailsNails are decorated by adding designs after the nails are painted through the following steps: [3]Use nail stickers ready to be applied easily, and is available in a range of shapes and colors, and is easily fixed by carefully removing the adhesive cap, or in the absence

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of adhesive, it can be used a small nail glue by putting A little behind the poster, then put it on the nail and pressure strongly and to win together for 20 seconds, and it is available in most ornamental stores.Using a shiny (powder) or coarse sugar to decorate the nails, spraying one of them on the nails, which is wet, and before it dries, and this ornament is somewhat popular ornamental.Using the art of drawing on the nails; Which requires the stability of the hand on a table, for example, and some exercise, and with these art designs such as a flower or a bow, can be created using two or more types of paint, or varnish, and others.Use many colors of nail polish with a thin brush instead of the original brush to draw prominent geometric shapes on each nail.Use the French method that uses adhesive strips that can be placed on the tip of the upper nail after its pink color, or keep it as it is a small part of the nail, and use a white coating to paint the remaining nail stem to get a straight white line.Some things to consider when painting nailsThere are many things that must be done and observed when painting nails and decorating them, namely: [4]Do not paint the nails while i

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t is dirty, or with the presence of the old paint residue, so the nails should be cleaned first, using a wet toothbrush and hand soap, and then scrub the nails well to reach the corners and under the nails to remove any traces.Set the surface of the nails with the coolant, in addition to using a small cotton piece, and put a nail polish remover to remove the old nail polish residue.Plate the nails with a light, thin primer in the same color until the rest of the paint sticks well, then wait a few minutes to put on the second coat.Start in the middle of the nail, then left, right when applying the nail polish, then you need to wait two minutes before applying a second coat so that the layers do not get mixed. The thicker the coating layer, the easier it is to exfoliate and remove it.The commitment to put on gloves when performing household tasks, such as cleaning, evacuation and other works; Because not putting them on leads to peeling nails, removing paint or even breaking them.Facts about nail polishThere are many facts about nail polish, which include the following: [5]The history of nail polish is due to the ancient Egyptians who dyed the nails with henna, but the current nail p

olish is almost one of the inventions of the 20th century.Nail polish consists of many ingredients:Nitrocellulose, or so-called cellulose nitrate, which is the main factor to form a sticky substance in the paint.Some plasticizers that improve the elasticity of the paint.Resins, which is a water-soluble ingredient.Some colorants, coloring factors and many types of colors available.Some solvents that allow the paint to dehydrate.Nail polish contains toxic substances that, if inhaled, cause harm to some people.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Nail decoration methods

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