Nails lengthening quickly

1 Causes of slow growth of nails

Nails lengthening quickly – ” Contents1 Causes of slow nail growth2 Methods to lengthen nails quickly3 tips to lengthen nails4 referencesCauses of slow nail growthNails are made of protein and are called keratin, from which hair is formed, and of course fingernails grow faster than toenails, and several factors contribute to slow nail growth, including:[1]Importance of age.Hormonal changes.Health problems.Chemotherapy.Medication.Malnutrition.Nail biting.Do not use foundation paint, before nail polish, which forms a protective layer of the nails against the nail polish. [2]Peeling nail polish from the nail, which removes the upper tip of the nail; Thus, the nails become weak, fragile. [2]Excessive use of gel and acrylic, which affects the natural growth of nails. [2]Methods of lengthening nails quicklyThere are several methods through which the nails can be lengthened quickly, consuming foods that contain vitamins for strong and rapid growth for the nail, and applying some of the recipes, vitamins, foods and recipes from home, including: [2]Biotin: The doctor can be consulted to eat the dietary supplement, to determine its safe dose; Because the consumption of biotin regularly, strengthens the nails, prevents

2 methods of lengthening nails quickly

them from breaking and leaning, [3] and biotin is found in the nourishing, such as bananas, avocado and salmon. [2]Folic acid: Folic acid is a vitamin in the growth of cells and nails. It is advisable to consume 400 to 500 micrograms of folic acid, called vitamin B9, and there are leafy vegetables, acids and acids. [2].Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a vitamin in the strengthening of bones, teeth and nails, in addition to what it expels toxins from the body; Because it is one of the common antioxidants, and there are in some plants, meat, such as grapefruit, spinach, Chinese potatoes, apples, eggs, liver and milk. [2]Vitamin D: Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in the strengthening of bones, because it is processed and prevents the peeling of nails; Because it is the necessary vitamin in the process of calcium absorption and is organized for the concentration of minerals in the body, and the level of vitamin D can be high, by exposure during a period of sunlight at least Twice a week, and in some foods, such as fatty fish such as salmon and Abu Saif fish, milk, olive milk, breakfast grains and orange juice. [4]Vitamin C: vitamin C, vitamin necessary for the health of the body

3 tips for lengthening nails

; Because it contains strong antioxidants, fighting bacteria and is found in tomatoes, acids, leafy vegetables and strawberries. [2]Lemon recipe: The lemon contains vitamin C, which is necessary to make a healthy growth of the nails, in addition to that it is natural white, because it removes yellow stains from the nails, and the lemon can be used with regard to the nails, rubbing the nails with a sliced for five minutes, before rinsing them with warm water, or in another way, the way is: [2]ingredients:One tablespoon of lemon juice.3 tablespoons of olive oil.the way to prepare:The ingredients are mixed and they are heated in the microwave for 20 seconds.The nails are soaked in the solution for 10 minutes.This recipe is repeated daily, except in case of nail injuries, it is advisable not to apply this recipe; Because it causes a stinging feeling.Coconut recipe: Coconut oil provides nutrition and hydration, healthy nails and growth, and also treats fungal infections there, and the method is: [2]Ingredients: Excellent virgin coconut oil.How to prepare:Heat the oil until it becomes hot.Made nails and fingers with circular motions.This recipe is repeated every night before sleeping.Rec

ipe for orange juice: vitamin C in orange maintains healthy and strong nails, contributing to the production of collagen, and the way is: [2]Ingredients: orange fruit juice.How to prepare:Orange juice is placed in a bowl.The nails are soaked for 10 minutes.The nails are rinsed and the moisture is applied.This recipe is repeated daily.Olive oil recipe: Olive oil contains sibllets of vitamin E, which ensures its growth of health and strength, and the way is: [2]Ingredients: olive oil.How to prepare:Heat the olive oil, until it becomes hot.Then soak the nails in the oil for 15 to 20 minutes.The recipe can be applied in another way, chewing hot oil on the nails and the skin surrounding the nail for 5 minutes, wearing gloves and leaving them overnight, with this recipe repeated daily.Flaxseed oil recipe: Flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to nail health nutrients, and it can stimulate nail growth, treat them from breakage and brittleness, and the way is: [1]Ingredients: flaxseed oil.How to prepare:Rub oil on the nails and massage gently.Wear gloves for several hours.Repeat this recipe 1 to 2 times a day.Tips for lengthening nailsThere are several tips to lengthen nai

ls quickly, including:[1]Wear gloves when cleaning work; To protect them from chemicals and cleaning products, which cause damage to nails.Prevent fungal infections by keeping the nails clean and dry, and in case of fungal infections, it should be treated immediately.Avoid a penis or scratching the nails; Because this causes him a weakness.Eat healthy foods; To accelerate the process of lengthening the nails, in addition to increasing the consumption of green tea.Ordinary nail trim; Until it grows faster.Place Vaseline on hands and nails before sleeping.Avoid using nail polish that contains harmful chemicals.Expose nails to sunlight; to help obtain vitamin D.Activate blood circulation by daily exercise.Consult the doctor to take several vitamins; To accelerate nail growth.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Nails lengthening quickly

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