Natural cream for dark circles

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Natural cream for dark circles – ” Contents1 dark circles2 natural creams to treat dark circlesDark circlesDark circles shown near the eyes are one of the undesirable skin problems, due to the appearance of fatigue and tiredness all over the face, and those who suffer from this problem can solve and dispose of it by the use of The one of the natural creams treated for dark circles and prevention of their appearance, pay attention to sleep for enough hours at night and rest the eyes from computer uses and smart devices.Natural creams to treat dark circlesSweet almond cream to treat dark circlesGrind two capsules of vitamin E until it turns into a soft powder, then move the powder into a small bowl.Add to the vitamin E powder is added two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, then close the bowl and hope strongly until the powder is melted into the oil.Add to the bowl three spoons of Vaseline, then the bowl and its vessel are closed until the three ingredients are mixed.The sweet almond cream is spread around the ocean of eyes just before bedtime, with light strokes with the fingertips around the eyes for a minute or two.The cream is left around the eyes throughout the night with washing as soon as you wake up, as the al

2 natural creams to treat dark circles

mond oil helps to smooth and brighten the skin while the vitamin E helps to eliminate the wrinkles present around the eyes resist their appearance.Panthenol cream for dark circlesTo make this cream, it takes into account a complete package of Panthenol, which can be found in pharmacies.Add to the contents of the package of Panthenol of ten points of lemon oil, then close the package and go down the ingredients until they are mixed.Add half a tablespoon of sweet almond oil to the Panthenol mixture and mix with the rest of the ingredients in the same previous manner.The Panthenol cream is spread around the eyes at night before going to sleep and washed off as soon as you wake up, while avoiding rubbing the eyes or reaching the cream into the eyes, while washing the eyes immediately with cold water if this happens.Chamomile oil cream for dark circlesMix two tablespoons of chamomile oil with six dots of rose oil in a small bowl.Add six tablespoons of petroleum jelly to the bowl, then firmly close the bowl and shake until the ingredients are mixed together.Like the other dark circle creams, it is best to spread it around the circumference of the eyes at night hours, as the chamomile oil

helps to treat puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes, and the rose oil also helps to lighten this area and get rid of the dark spots in them.Was the article helpful?

Natural cream for dark circles

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