Natural recipe for removing dark circles

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Natural recipe for removing dark circles – ” Contents1 dark circles2 natural recipes to eliminate dark circles3 tips to prevent the appearance of dark circles4 referencesDark circlesDark circles under the eyes often occur as a result of sun exposure, and aging also has a role in their appearance, in addition to rubbing the eyes excessively, and the cause may be genetic factors, in addition to this, some diseases cause dark Circles under the eyes, and there are many creams and vaccines that improve the appearance of the area under the eyes, but these products can be expensive, and for this, it is recommended to use natural and safe materials, to get rid of dark circles . [1]Natural recipes to eliminate dark circlesParsley and yogurtThis recipe is attended by the following method:[1]ingredients:Half a cup of parsley.Two tablespoons of yogurt.Method:Using an electric blender, mix the ingredients well.Using a piece of cotton, the mask is placed on the under eye area.Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then wash the area with the datab.TeaThis recipe is attended by the following method:[1]ingredients:Two kisses of caffeine tea.One cup of boiling water.Method:The tea bags are soaked in water for 10 minutes.The tea bags are taken an

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d gently cooked to remove excess liquid.The tea bags are cooled in the refrigerator.Each bag is placed on the eye and left for 10 minutes.Almond oilAlmond oil is a wonderful natural ingredient that is useful for the sensitive skin around the eyes, and regular use of almond oil helps to fade the dark circles, and vitamin E can also be used to stay on dark circles under the eyes and to use almond oil the following is followed:[2]Before going to sleep, put almond oil on the dark areas under the eyes and massage gently.The oil is left on for the next day.In the morning, the area is washed with cold water.The method is repeated daily until the dark circles disappear.OptionCucumber contains properties to lighten the skin, which solves skin problems in addition to that it has a soothing and refreshing effect, and for the use of cucumber, the following method is followed:[2]Cut the fresh cucumber into thick slices and place it in the three for 30 minutes.The cucumber is placed under the eyes for 10 minutes.The area is washed with water.Repeat the method twice a day for a week or more.Rose waterRose water contains incredible ingredients for skin care, as it regenerates the skin and has a ca

3 tips to prevent the appearance of dark circles

lming effect on tired eyes, as it contains astringent properties, and rose water is used in this simple way:[2]Cotton pieces are placed in rose water and then placed on the area under the eyes.Leave the cotton pieces on for 15 minutes.Repeat the method twice a day for several weeks.cold waterCold helps to reduce the blood vessels under the eyes, which causes bloating and dark circles, and cold water can be used by soaking a piece of cloth, or using the back of the shard after cooling it, then lie down and close and close the eyes for 15 minutes and repeat the method several times a day. [3]PotatoesPotatoes contain natural whitening factors, which can lighten the dark circles and get rid of the area under the eyes of bloating, and use potatoes in the treatment of dark circles. The following method is followed:[2]A piece or two of potatoes are taken and squeezed.Using pieces of cotton placed in potato juice, then on the eyes after closing them.Leave the juice for 10 to 15 minutes.The eyelids are washed with cold water.The method is repeated once or twice a day for a few weeks.Tips to prevent the appearance of dark circlesWhile the most important tips arise to prevent the emergence of

dark circles: [4]Avoiding excess salt in food, as sodium causes the body to store excess amounts of water, which causes swelling in certain areas of the body, including the area under the eyes, and for this reason the amount of salt added to food should be reduced.Using essential oils, as the oils are diffused under the eyes and dark circles, and coconut oil can be used and massage the area under the eyes, lavender oil or rosemary.Maintaining the moisture of the body, because the skin with dehydration makes the area under the eyes and dark circles swell, and for this it is advisable to drink 8 cups a day of water to avoid bloating in the eyes and dark circles.Eating foods rich in vitamin C is another solution for those who suffer from dark circles under the eyes, because this vitamin contributes to the production of collagen, and collagen is a protein produced by the body and one of its most important functions is to maintain the health of the skin, which protects them from the appearance of dark circles.Vitamin C can be considered as one of the nutritional supplements, along with amino acids and copper. These three substances increase its production and maintain the area around t

he eyes.Get enough iron, lack of iron is one of the other causes of dark circles, as well as vitamin B12, and these elements can be obtained by eating red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, spinach, apricots and peas.Refrain from smoking. Smoking is one of the most important causes of the emergence of dark circles, as it damages the skin, and for this reason, the skin must be preserved and healthier by refraining from smoking.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Natural recipe for removing dark circles

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