Natural recipes for the skin

1 Kiwi and Avocado recipe

Natural recipes for the skin – ” Contents1 recipe for kiwi and avocado2 recipes for rice and milk3 aloe vera and milk gel recipes4 Nigella and olive oil recipe5 tomato recipes6 referencesKiwi and Avocado RecipeKiwi and Avocado recipe is one of the natural recipes that gives the skin freshness and vitality, as it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, as this recipe can be used by exfoliation of Kiwi’s love and its mash well with the Affukado grain, with the addition of A tablespoon of honey to the mixture as you like, then put the skin for a third of an hour, then wash it with water, repeat the recipe. [1]Rice and milk recipeRice and milk mask is used to soften the skin and keep its glow, as follows: two tablespoons of rice in two tablespoons of milk for two hours, then grind the rice to form a paste and apply to the face. [1]Aloe vera gel and milk recipeThe aloe vera and milk recipe is one of the natural recipes used to whiten the skin, and can be used by mixing equal levels of milk gel and aloe vera, then massaging the skin with it, and leaving it on the skin for a whole night, so that the skin is washed away in the morning, and one of the additional options for this recipe is to soak saffron for a few minutes i

2 rice recipe and milk

n milk before mixing the ingredients, repeating the process daily before going to bed. [2]Nigella and olive oil recipeThe pill and olive oil recipe is a natural recipe that gives the freshness and redness of the skin; It is by mixing two tablespoons of the pill, with two tablespoons of olive oil, then put the mixture on the face with exposure to the sun for a short time, then wash the face and dry it well. [3]TomatoTomato recipe is one of the natural recipes used to lighten the skin. To bicarbonate the soda to it, then put the paste on the face and neck, so it is dry, then wash it with water. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Aloe vera and milk gel recipe

4 Nigella and olive oil recipe

Natural recipes for the skin

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