Natural wash to remove blackheads

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Natural wash to remove blackheads – ” Contents1 blackheads2 Natural wash to eliminate blackheadsblackheadsIt is a problem of skin problems that haunt many girls, which appear as a result of a blockage of hair follicles with excess fat that the skin produces with different mammals such as dust, dirt, dirt and cosmetic residues, which are all connected With the skin keratin, the formation of black heads and can be closed and appear under the skin is with white heads, and some cases may develop to include the spread of pills with black dots, especially at the top of the forehead, the tip of the nose and the bottom of the mouth; Where its presence in the largest secretion of fat in the skin and in advanced cases is the treatment of a specialist to avoid the spread of infection in the skin and the appearance of PUS in the pimples.A natural lotion to eliminate blackheadsLemonadeThe skin is applied three times a day with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice, and left to dry naturally, and other ingredients for lemon juice can be inserted such as oats, or cinnamon in equal proportions and are applied to the skin as a kind of sacrifice, and is spread with circular motions to clean the pores and peel the face, and repeat the sa

2 natural wash to remove blackheads

crifice only once a week. It causes skin aggravation, and for those who have sensitive skin, please do a slice test by applying a little lemon juice on a small part of the skin.Bee honey and island juiceHoney is placed on the skin daily, left for fifteen minutes and washed the skin with lukewarm water, it can be placed alone or mix equal amounts of bee honey and island juice and apply the skin in the evening for twenty minutes and rinse With lukewarm water, because the honey works as an antibacterial in the skin, restricts its activity and calms it down, it softens the skin and prevents the development of blackheads and turns it into blisters. Carrot also nourishes the skin and helps to get rid of blackheads.the egg whiteThe whiteness is separated from the yolk, the whites alone, then placed on the face, then pieces of paper wipes are placed in small areas, distributed to the affected areas of the skin, and leave the egg whites for a third of an hour, and he will notice that the paper wipes have become dry, rough and stuck to the skin, then wash the face with the hot material and then with cold water, and repeat as needed.Protective oilsWet a piece of cotton with one of the natural

oils such as almond oil, olive oil or sesame oil, and rub the skin with circular motions, and it is applied every night in the evening and it is preferable before sleeping after cleaning and washing The skin and opening the pores where the natural oils nourish the skin and fight pimples and blackheads, it offers it softness and freshness, and prevents the appearance of signs of progress.Attention to cleaning the skin and cleaning bacteria, dust stuck, removing cosmetics remains before sleeping, nourishing the skin with nutritious and moisturizing creams in the morning and before sleeping and use the appropriate toner of things necessary to maintain a healthy skin without Pimples and blackheads are therefore cosmetic experts to persevere to clean the skin and use the right washing.Was the article useful?

Natural wash to remove blackheads

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