Natural ways to lighten the skin

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Natural ways to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 honey2 tomatoes3 avocado4 option5 referenceshoneyHoney is used to brighten the skin, and a study published in 2012 showed honey in the International Research Chamber in Ayurveda that honey has medical and aesthetic benefits, as it works to moisturize the skin and increases it brighter, and also helps to eliminate dead cells thanks to its anti-bacterial characteristic, reduces scars and acne, in addition to the spots that appear as a result of aging, honey can be used by mixing a teaspoon of raw honey, a teaspoon of crushed avocado and a teaspoon of yogurt well together, then the mixture is placed on the face and left on the face for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash the face with warm water and repeat this process regularly. [1]tomatoesTomatoes are a substance that helps to whiten the skin. Tomatoes are beneficial vegetables used in skin care, and given their relatively low price, it can be easily obtained and used by mixing one tablespoon of tomato juice, one tablespoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of tomato juice, a tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of Oats in a small bowl, then a firm paste is obtained, placed on the face and neck, and left for half an hour, after whic

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h the face is washed with soap and water, and repeat the process several times and regularly. [1]AvocadoAvocado oil is rich in antioxidants that help maintain strong and healthy skin, as it treats extraction and dry skin and keeps it moist, but it should be avoided using it on oily skin. This is done by massaging an amount of avocado oil on the skin After the bath, and it can be used several times a month without the presence of side effects. [3]OptionCucumber is one of the ingredients that helps to naturally lighten the skin, so cucumber slices are used with honey, and placed as a mask on the face for 15 minutes, and then wash the face with warm water, and this process is repeated twice a day, one in the morning and the other at night to lighten the skin naturally. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

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Natural ways to lighten the skin

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