Natural ways to whiten the skin

1 Natural recipes for skin whitening

Natural ways to whiten the skin – ” Contents1 Natural recipes for skin whitening2 Sun protection3 Cleansing the skin4 referencesNatural recipes for skin whiteningThere are many natural ways in which the skin can be whitened, including the following: [1]Potato juicePotato juice mask is one of the effective natural methods to whiten the skin, thanks to its good percentage of Katikolis compound, and it is one of the natural enzymes that play an important role in skin lightening and riddance Limits the effects of aging, by applying this mask over the skin daily and continuous.LicoriceLicorice contains a very effective compound for skin whitening, which is called Icepridin, as one of the magazines reported in 1998 that this compound reduces the secretion of melanin dye directly responsible for skin pigmentation, as it limits dermatitis.oatmealOatmeal is one of the good natural recipes to get rid of dark spots on the skin, as it is recommended to use it by mixing an appropriate amount of prevention with honey, brown sugar and milk, so that the mixture is applied to the skin , then massage it well for a period of at least one minute with a circular motion, then wash the skin with warm water.sun protectionIt is recommended

2 sun protection

to protect yourself from direct exposure to the sun and the resulting damage to UV rays, as this ensures that you get a beautiful, bright and shiny skin, and also helps to prevent many of the risks resulting from these rays, including all the first appearances for the signs of aging and aging, in addition to the high possibility of skin cancer. [2]Cleanse the skinIt should be chosen a type of lotion suitable for the skin, so that it is effective in getting rid of all impurities, taking care not to use more than twice a day as a maximum, because the increase in its use reduces the secretion of natural Oils beneficial to the skin, especially by people with dry skin, because frequent washing of the skin increases the severity of the symptoms of dehydration. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 cleaning the skin

Natural ways to whiten the skin

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