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Olive oil – ” Contents1 Olive oil2 The benefits of olive oil for the face3 Olive oil to fight wrinkles4 referencesOlive oilOlive oil is one of the oils that are used as a staple food, in order to provide it and its health and therapeutic benefits, as it is taken as a treatment for many diseases, the most important of which is arthritis, and olive oil contains Many vitamins and mineral nutrients, Whether used internally or externally, where it is possible to use olive oil to treat the skin, hair and nails, and we will mention in this article the benefits of olive oil for the skin, especially for the face . [1]The benefits of olive oil for the faceAmong the benefits of olive oil for the face: [2]Skin Epleling: Olive oil is used as a natural skin peeling with the addition of wheat bran, sugar or salt, in order to clean the pores and open the closed pores. It also helps to moisturize dry skin, eliminate scales and get rid of blackheads.A good lipstick: olive oil contains many nutrients of the lips, so it is an effective moisturizer for it, and it can be used with sugar to exfoliate the lips and get rid of dead cells.Antibacterial: Olive oil contains anti-bacterial substances, so it is possible to

2 The benefits of olive oil for the face

use olive oil to treat inflamed skin, or to prevent wound infections, and also treats burns resulting from exposure to the sun for long periods.It can help treat eczema: olive oil contains moisturizing and anti-inflammatory substances, and is therefore useful in treating the effects of eczema and the redness of the skin that accompanies it. It is possible to use olive oil daily to massage the eczema area.A natural cosmetic remover: it is possible to use olive oil instead of chemical makeup removers, applying it to a clean cotton ball and safely removing makeup from the face and eyes.It can relieve itching: olive oil moisturizes dry skin and thus reduces the itching that affects the skin due to dehydration.Olive oil to fight wrinklesOne of the benefits of olive oil to resist facial wrinkles: [3]Antioxidant: Olive oil contains many antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenol, so it is one of the most important oils used to delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, and it enters the production of anti-transy creams To prevent ultraviolet radiation.A treatment for facial lines: olive oil treats the wrinkles that appear in the eyes of the eyes and around the mouth, because

3 olive oil to fight wrinkles

it contains antioxidants that prevent oxidation of free radicals, and olive oil is used to massage the wrinkles in a circular manner, and it can be used daily to achieve the expected results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Olive oil

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