The 4 Best hand Pallet Truck in 2022

hand pallet truck: Indispensable for moving pallets of goods! Hydraulic and in a wide range of maximum loads, discover right here my selection of the best manual pallet trucks on the market! What is the best hand pallet truck in 2022? Stier 902681 – My favourite (2500 kg max) Levac 6140RCT – A good value … Read more

The Best Construction Phone in 2022

Construction phone: The toughest phones on the market! Waterproof, dustproof and unbreakable, these are the models you can use without fear, no matter what the conditions. To help you make your choice, here is my selection of the best construction phones! What is the best construction phone in 2022? Blackview BV4900 Pro – My favourite … Read more

The 5 Best Car Lift Ramps in 2022

Pure car lift ramp: Ideal for maintenance and repairs! Whether it’s for an oil change, lubrication, transmission, etc., this equipment allows easier access to the lower part of a vehicle. Hydraulic or supporting several tons, find here my selection of the best car lift ramps on the market! What is the best car lift ramp … Read more

The 5 Best Construction Radios in 2022

best worksite radioWorking with music is always more motivating! The construction site radio is an almost indispensable accessory for all construction professionals, to accompany their long working days with a little music! But between the simple radios and those with a very high-quality sound, which one to choose? Here is our selection and our opinion … Read more

The 7 Best LED Construction Light in 2022

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The 5 Best Electric Hoists in 2022

Effortless is better! Thanks to its motor, this hoist does all the work for you: you just have to press a button and the load lifts itself! Whether for professional or personal use, here is my selection of the best electric hoists. What is the best electric hoist in 2022? MSW Procat – My favourite, … Read more

The Best Chain Hoists in 2022

best chain hoist in 2022 To multiply your strength! Thanks to its operating principle, this equipment is ideal for lifting heavy loads (metal beams, engine blocks, stumps, etc.) without requiring electricity. For your professional warehouse or for your personal workshop, I invite you to discover my selection of the best manual chain hoists! What is … Read more

The 4 Best Door Lifts in 2022

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The best motorcycle lift in 2022

The 5 Best Bridges/Motorcycle Lifts and Crutches of the 2022 Workshopmotorcycle liftTake good care of your bike! In your workshop or in your garage, these accessories are simply indispensable for the maintenance and repair of two-wheelers. Whether it’s an elevator or a stand, I present you with my selection of the best motorcycle lifts on … Read more