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Peeling and whitening the body – “Contents1 body peeling2 Benefits of body peeling3 How to peel the body4 Number of peeling times5 Home peeling mixes6 Important tips for the exfoliation process7 Tips for brightening the skin8 ReferencesExfoliationThe skin is the first line of defense for the human being, while the skin turns without the transmission of germs from the abscess to the human body, so that the skin cells are constantly renewed to the formation of new cells, body exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin accumulated on the surface of the body, where it causes the accumulation of dead skin cell accumulation to block the pores of the body and the appearance of premature aging symptoms. [1]Benefits of body exfoliationBody exfoliation regularly adds its freshness to the body and floats the body with a beautiful luster and whiteness, and unifies the body color. The uniform body color, free from grease and impurities is one of the characteristics of A beautiful woman, and on the other hand, peeling stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. [2]Body peeling methodContrary to the prevailing thinking, body peeling is a simple and straightforward process, and at the en

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d of the exfoliation process, the body is fresh and healthy without allergies, irritation or red spots. To peel the body we need:Exfoliation cream, exfoliation cream should be purchased in the pharmacy and it should be noted that there are creams that can harm the skin and cause counterproductive results. There are creams that contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin and can cause allergies and skin irritation. On the other hand, a peeling cream can be equipped with natural materials such as lemon, honey, oats and milk, olive oil, coffee and many substances from home.Gentle juice, used to clean the dry body before starting the peeling process, the body is exfoliated when the body is gently rubbed.Horse stone, to get rid of the body skin hardening in the heels of the foot is recommended to use the horse stone.Moisturizing body cream where the moisturizer is used after completing the exfoliation process; Because the exfoliation of the body causes the skin to dehydrate somewhat. [1] [3]Number of peeling timeIn general, the body should be exfoliated twice a week and the number of peeling times depends on several factors, the most important of which are:The nature of the body; Sen

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sitive skin needs less peeling process, unlike oily skin which requires relatively more exfoliation.The nature of the climate; Those who live in hot areas, Nesia, need more times for exfoliation due to the increasing accumulation of dead skin cells. [1]Home peeling mixesWe offer these mixes that can be made at home with ease.Lemon and honey mixtureThis mixture is very useful for the skin, as it is exfoliating the body and on the other hand, it maintains its moisture.A small lemon.Two suspensions of honey.Large suspension of olive oil.The suspension of sugar is preferable to be a very rough and soft dress. [4]Use the instructions:Swell the lemon and put it in a medium bowl.We put all the above ingredients on the lemon and mix them.We use the fiber to clean the dry body before the exfoliation process, because exfoliation on dry skin gives much better results than exfoliation on wet and damp skin, so your body should be peeled off during the dry before bathing, this process will help to get rid of the dead cells and prepare the body for the peeling process.We scrub the body in a circular manner, starting from the plants to the top of the body for a quarter of an hour.We massage the fa

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ce with its softness around the eyes and cheeks.To get rid of stains and solid tissue on the heel of the feet, it is recommended to use the horse stone.The exfoliation cream is removed from the body with a dry towel.We wash the body with lukewarm water and then with cold waterThis mixture is repeated twice a month. [5]Avocado and oatmeal mixtureThis mixture is used for the face, it opens the skin and gives it a natural glow and consists of:Two tablespoons of oatmeal on the ground.Spoon and a half of avocado.Honey suspended.Use the instructions:Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them together.We put the mixture on the face and stir the mixture circularly on the face for a short time.We wash the face well with warm water. [4]Important tips for the epelling processExfoliation with every shower: this is the most popular and dangerous mistake, so your skin skin after every shower can turn into a daily risk, happens inversely on your skin, if you are an oily skin You are a dry skin, you will double the dryness of your skin and here, you only have to be satisfied twice in the month.Ignore moisturizing after peeling: after peeling the skin, you omitting the importance of moisturi

zing, which turns into an urgent step, after your skin loses the dead cells and turns into a little dry, and there is no better than moisturizing creams to restore the elasticity to which the skin and the vitality of the pores.Rubbing seriously: you need to release the exfoliation of the skin on your face, so that you can be sure to penetrate it into the skin, but soft and irrigated, because the rubbing of the skin affects it harshly negatively.Use body exfoliation cream to peel the face, the skin of the skin is more sensitive than the skin of the body, so the body cream should not be used to peel the face and you should use the exfoliation cream for the face instead. [2] [6]Skin lighting tipsThere are also some tips that can get a soft, texture and light body:Perform the Moroccan bath, it is good and relieves the body of dead skin and fat every two weeks once.For the buttocks, elbows and knees, you should use lemon and coarse salt, scrub them well every week.Use cucumber juice to wash your face and body, it is nourishing and gives incredible results every week once, but the face day after day.Drink enough water with not less than eight cups of water every day.Make the body apple w

ith apple cider vinegar by attenuating it with a little water.Avoid moisturizing cream during the day and when you go out in the sun and replacing it with sun creams.There are nutritious and useful creams that can be used to moisturize and give it freshness and vitality.Lemon is an effective whitening, and it is very beneficial for the body and face, so it should not be neglected and used in abundance.Bananas burst after grinding them and put them on the face.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Peeling and whitening the body

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