Quick recipes for face whitening

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Quick recipes for face whitening – ” Contents1 flash2 natural recipes for facial whitening3 medical ways to lighten the face4 tips and ways to prevent facial pigmentation5 referencesLightening the faceMost women can develop hyperpigmentation, especially at the age of thirty, which occurs due to increased melanin production, and appears as dark spots on the face, and the spots can develop at their worst when exposed to the sun, and most Skin problems increase the production of melanin on the skin and from examples of these problems, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and acne, which leads to the appearance of dark spots on the face. [1]Natural recipes for facial whiteningNatural recipes are useful to lighten the skin of the face and make it bright and shiny, and among these recipes are the following: [2]Yogurt and tomato milk recipeMilk helps to reduce the tan that appears due to the sun’s rays, because it contains lactic acid and moisturizes the yogurt also the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A quarter cup of yogurt.Half a cup of tomatoes.A handful of mint leaves (optional).how to prepare:Mix the three ingredients to get a mixture.We put the mixture on the skin.Leave it on the skin to dry.We repeat the recipe once

2 Natural recipes for face whitening

a day.Recipe for milk and honeyThe recipe of pure yogurt with honey is one of the effective treatments for the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Two teaspoons of yogurt.Two teaspoons of honey.how to prepare:Mix the two components well.We put the mixture on the affected area.Mark the skin with fingers for five minutes.Leave the mixture on the skin for twenty minutes.We wash the face with normal water.We repeat the recipe once or twice a day.The recipe of milk and rose waterIt cleans the milk from the skin, removes impurities, dust and dirt, which moisturizes the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:An appropriate amount of milk.An appropriate amount of rose water.A few drops of olive oil or almond oil.how to prepare:We mix equal amounts of milk and rose water.Add the drops of oil to the mixture.We put the piece of cotton in the mixture and rub the skin with it.Leave the mixture on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes.We wash the skin with cold water.We repeat the recipe daily or several times a week.The recipe of milk, eggs and bananasMilk butter contains proteins and vitamins that feed the hair and stimulate its growth, and its method is:[2]ingredients:a banana.One egg.Three

3 medical ways to lighten the face

tablespoons of honey.Two tablespoons of milk.Three tablespoons of olive oil.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.We put them on the hair.Cover the hair with a shower.Leave it on the hair for twenty minutes.We wash the hair with cold water.We apply the recipe once a week.Rose water and flour recipeThis mask helps to lighten the skin, and its method is:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of rose water.One tablespoon of lemon juice.One tablespoon of flour.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl to make a thick paste.We put the paste on the face with our fingers.Leave it on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.We wash the face with cold water.We dry the face with a soft towel.We use the recipe three times a week.Turmeric, rice flour and yogurt recipeThe collection of these ingredients together is a great recipe for brightening the skin, and its method is:[3]ingredients:One teaspoon of turmeric.Two teaspoons of rice flour (if not available, flour or oat flour) can be used).Three tablespoons of plain yogurt.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients to obtain a mixture.We put the mixture on the skin.We avoid the lips, eyes and eyebrows.Leave it on the face for three to five minutes.We wash the

4 tips and ways to prevent facial pigmentation

face with warm water.Sprinkle the face with cold water, then dry (cold water helps to tighten the pores).Oats, honey and milkThis recipe works as a natural exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from the face and neck, nourishes oats, and honey contains antibiotics that protect the skin from bacteria, heal skin cells and when combined with milk, it helps to calm the skin, treat It reduces its inflammation, and it is recommended to apply this recipe at night so that the skin becomes relaxing and treatment, and its method is:[4]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oats.1 tablespoon of organic honey.Two tablespoons of raw milk.how to prepare:We put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.We wash the face with water.We apply the mixture evenly on the face and neck.Let the mixture dry for half an hour.We wash the face with lukewarm water.We put an appropriate moisturizer for the skin.We repeat the recipe two or three times a week.Medical ways to lighten the faceThere are some medical methods that can be followed, namely: [1]Topical medications: By prescribing a dermatologist, topical medications and chemical components to lighten spots such as: hydroquinone, which is very effective

in reducing pigmentation, especially freckles, prevents more color and prevents its use by pregnant women.Chemical peeling: chemical peeling shows incredible results in treating pigmentation, such as glycolic peeling, which are the safest and most effective scales, salicylic acid and lactic acid also treat hyperpigmentation.Surface exfoliation: The top layer of the skin is removed and this method requires several sessions.Laser Therapy: To perform optical packaging to remove or peel the surface of the skin, intensive laser therapy can be used to remove layers of skin, or the use of non-criminal lasers, which promotes collagen growth and tightens the skin. There are negatives for the method of treatment with laser radiation, which are strong and can cause secondary complications, so it is necessary to make sure of the doctor before thinking about laser treatment, because the type of laser appropriate for the skin depends on the type of skin of the person and the degree of color change.Tips and methods to prevent facial pigmentationHere we mention some important steps and tips to prevent pigmentation, which are: [1]Using sunscreen: it is recommended to apply sunscreen every day, so t

hat it covers all exposed parts of the body.Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight: to reduce it, it is advisable to wear hats, use umbrellas and sunglasses.Follow a good skin care routine: use skin care and anti-inflammatory methods, to properly manage pigmentation.Exercise constantly: because it improves blood circulation and improves the immune system, which leads to glowing skin. [4]Hydrating the skin: by drinking enough water, at a rate of at least 8 cups a day, to keep the skin moist inside. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Quick recipes for face whitening

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