Reasons for breaking and preventing nails

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Reasons for breaking and preventing nails – “Contents1 nail breakage2 causes of nail breakageTreatment of nail breakage4 Treatment of normal nail breakage5 video about nail breakage6 sources and referencesNail breakageNails break a problem to which women are exposed to more than men, in which a person suffers from brittleness and slow growth or ease of splitting and peeling them, and this problem occurs due to lack of nutrition, medical disorder or poor care of nails and others, so it is necessary to know the causes and methods of treatment and thorough prevention. [1]Causes of nail breakageThere are different reasons for breaking nails, namely:Injuries caused by using the surface of the nails frequently in daily work such as opening covers. [1]Repeated washing and drying of hands, for example, when the dishes are repeated, it exposes the nails to dryness and brittleness as a result of the nails expand and expand when washing, and shrink them when drying, which weakens the nails over time. [2] [3]Constant nails are exposed to chemicals such as cleaning, nail polish remover, nail toner and hand holding. [1]Malnutrition, where the nails are mainly formed from a protein called keratin, and the nails can be attributed as a resul

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t of a lack of this protein in the body, or due to the lack of vitamins and minerals important for the health of the nails , and from these minerals in iron and zinc, vitamins C, D, E, as it can cause nail breakage to the deficiency of biotin (one of the B vitamins), although it is not known how it plays a role in maintaining its health and contrary to the belief hike, the lack of calcium in the body does not cause nails or white spots. [1] [4]Medical causes, such as: anemia, thyroid disorders, diabetes, twice the peripheral cycle during pregnancy, and certain skin diseases such as flat lichens, psoriasis and alopecia. [1]Hereditary causes, nail breakage can be obtained by one of the parents. [1]Introduction to age, as the years have decreased the moisture of the skin and nails, making the nails dry and exposed to breakage. [1]Living in low element areas or constant exposure to dry hot air. [4]Behavioral or environmental conditions that cause severe dehydration or extreme moisture of the nails, moisture and dryness weaken the nails and make them vulnerable to breaking. [2]Nail breakage treatmentThe treatment of nail breakage begins first by knowing the previous reasons that led to

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the emergence of this problem to facilitate treatment, in addition to following the tips and steps for nail care as follows:Balanced food, eating foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. [1]Eating vitamin biotin is useful to treat some cases of nail breakage, and the results appear six months after eating it, and pregnant woman is prevented from taking it. [1] [4]Avoid continuous exposure to water and cleanser. [1]Wear gloves for homework, with rubber and inside with cotton. [1] [5]Constantly use the moisturizers and put them on the nails and surrounding skin areas, and it is recommended to use the moisturizer after immersing the nails for five minutes with warm water, and the cotton gloves or socks can be worn after applying the moisturizer the sleep period. [1] [5]Cut the nails regularly, very long nails are more damaged. [1]Stop using nail polish, nail polish remover and hand sterilizers. [1]Gently refine and remove the nails, using non-metallic tools and towards the growth of the nails only to prevent their division, and the advantage of refinement and cold is that it works to eliminate rough and irregular edges to avoid breaking them more. [1 ] [2]Consult a doctor in the

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following cases: [1]If following the previous health tips did not help.If it is accompanied by breaking nails, falling in the hair, pumpkin in the blood, feeling tired quickly or any other medical symptom.The presence of changes in the appearance of the nails, in addition to breaking them, such as protrusions, change in color or change in texture of the surface of the nails.Normal treatment of nail breakageThe problem of nail breakage can be treated naturally after making sure that it is not part of a health problem, and home remedies used to treat it:Coconut oilCoconut oil is nutritious for weak and brittle nails, because the saturated fats in coconut oil make it an effective moisturizer of the nails, as it prevents the nails in various types of infections, coconut oil can be used to treat nail breakage in three methods:[1] [ 6]The first method: we prepare coconut oil and warm it up a little, then put it on all the nails, while doing a cute massage for five minutes, and this will improve blood circulation and moisturize the nails, these steps are repeated two times to three times a day.The second method: we apply this method before bedtime, mix a quarter cup of hot coconut oil wit

h a little lemon juice in a bowl, then soak the nails in this mixture for ten minutes, then the gloves are worn throughout the night to get the best results.The third method: we soak the nails in warm water for five minutes, then put coconut oil on the cider vinegarApple vinegar is another good treatment for brittle nails, rich in useful nutrients for nail health, such as vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, as well as it contains “malic acid” and “acetic acid” that help In the fight against nail infections. It is used by bringing two equal amounts of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with water in a bowl, then we dip the nails in the solution for a few minutes. These steps are repeated once a day, and in a few days the nails will be much stronger, you can save the remaining solution to use in the times to come. [6]Tea tree oilTea tree oil also helps in the treatment of nail breakage, especially if it is caused by fungal infections, because it is a strong purification, as it fights infections. By mixing half a tablespoon of vitamin E oil with a few drops of tea tree oil, then brush the resulting mixture with a gentle massage on the nails for several minute

s, then leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water, dried the nails, Then the moisturizer is used, repeat the above steps twice a day for a month. [6]LemonadeLemon juice is a good option to strengthen the nails and improve their condition, and gives them to be white. It is used by mixing a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice with three tablespoons of olive oil in a small bowl, then the mixture is heated in the microwave for a few seconds until the mixture becomes hot, put the previous mixture on the nails by attaching a clean Cotton, then the gloves are worn and the mixture remains on the nails for a long time overnight, and lemon can be used in another way by mixing two equal amounts of fresh lemon juice with argan oil, immersing the nails in the mixture for 20 Minutes, either of the two previous methods can be chosen and applied once a day for two to three weeks. [6]Video on nail breakageFor more information on nail breakage, watch the video.Sources and referencesWas the article helpful?

Reasons for breaking and preventing nails

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