Reasons for the appearance of stretch signs

1 Skin stretch marks

Reasons for the appearance of stretch signs – ” Contents1 stretch marks for the skin2 reasons for the appearance of signs of skin stretching3 Prevention of the presence of stretch marks4 Treating stretch marks5 Video of red lines in the body and its causes6 ReferencesStretch marks on the skinSigns of skin stretching can be defined as narrow longitudinal lines, which appear on the skin, and often occur when the skin suddenly expands, and due to its inability to recover its previous natural body after a period of growth and inflation, It has been noticed that before the appearance of stretching, the skin becomes thin and tends to color pink, and it is also possible to notice irritation or itching, then these signs begin to appear in the form of red, purple or brown lines, depending On the color of the skin, and with the passage of time, these lines and zigzags begin to fade, as their color becomes inclined to silver or white, to form what is called signs of stretching of the skin, which can affect several parts of the body, such as: chest area, thighs, upper arms and lower back, in addition to the buttocks and pelvic area. It should be noted that skin stretching is very common, especially in women, it has been found that they ar

2 Reasons for the appearance of signs of stretching of the skin

e exposed to these signs higher than men, and it should be noted that the signs of skin stretching do not pose any risk to physical health, but they are considered a disturbing and worrying cosmetic problem for many and affect negatively in mental health; This can cause anxiety or poor self-confidence. [1]Reasons for the appearance of stretch marksStretch marks appear as a result of several reasons, including:[2]Pregnancy: It has been found that stretch marks occur in nearly 8 out of 10 pregnant women, and signs of body stretching often occur in the last few months of pregnancy and depend on the type of pregnant skin and the extent of its skin elasticity, because the body during pregnancy produces hormones, works on increasing the flexibility of the ligaments of the pelvic area, in order to facilitate the birth process, but these hormones also affect the skin fibers, which makes the skin more likely to form stretch marks, and these signs form considerably in the abdominal area, due to the growth of the fetus and the increase in size of the area, as it could also occur in the chest and thighs, due to the increase In their size, and the stretch marks usually fade and become less pron

3 Prevention of the occurrence of stretch marks

ounced after birth, but they do not disappear completely.Rapid weight gain: stretch marks can be produced when weight gain occurs in a short period of time and very quickly, and stretch marks can also appear in athletes of antithesis and bodybuilding, due to their muscular enlargement, and sometimes these signs remain after losing weight, so it is advisable by following diets that help to lose weight gradually and to fix, to prevent fatigue of the skin and skin, and thus reduce the appearance of annoying signs of stretching.Puberty: In adulthood, body growth increases unusually, and therefore, stretch marks may appear, as males appear in the shoulder and back area, while in women, these cracks may appear in the pelvic and thoracic area.The presence of a family history to suffer from skin stretching: the presence of near the first degrees with signs of skin stretching is an important factor that increases the chances of these signs.Infection by certain diseases and health problems: stretch marks can be related to certain health problems, such as: Cushing’s syndrome; When this syndrome is produced, large amounts of cortisone, which can cause stretch marks, can be produced. Marfan syn

4 Treating stretch marks

drome can cause stretch marks, as it is caused by a genetic defect that weakens the skin and connective tissue, which reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes stretch marks in the shoulder area, pelvis and lower back.The use of corticosteroids in some rare cases. Stretch marks are formed after the use of long or inappropriate corticosteroids, such as: the use of creams or corticosteroids, used to treat certain skin diseases such as: eczema (English: eczma), where these compounds work in the same way to make the hormone cortisol; This causes it by reducing the amount of collagen in the skin, a substance that helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and its resistance to cracking, and therefore the lack of collagen is a risk factor, which increases the incidence of stretch marks.Prevention of stretch marksTo prevent stretch marks and reduce their incidence, some of these steps can be followed:[3]Try to control the weight and try not to lose it or increase it quickly.Continue to moisturize the skin as much as possible.Eat healthy foods.Eat foods rich in vitamin C.Keep the level of vitamin D in the normal range.Eat food rich in zinc.Treat stretch marks as soon as they appear.Trea

t stretch marksThe injured person should know that the skin stretching treatments are not completely effective and they do not permanently remove the stretch marks, but they improve the appearance and texture of the stretch marks only, and now no one has proved that one of them is more effective than the other: [4]Retinoid Cream. This cream contains vitamin A vehicles, which help to improve the appearance of modern expansion marks, which do not appear for more than a few months, because it has been found that these components work to rebuild collagen, which helps Appear stretch marks in a natural skin, but in turn, it can irritate the skin. It should be noted that the advice of the doctor should be taken before starting to use it, especially in the case of a pregnant or nursing woman.Laser and laser therapy: a wide range of types of light and laser treatments are available, which help stimulate collagen or elastin in the skin.Microdermabrancy, as this type of treatment consists of a laptop that provides crystal on the skin and gently removes the crystal, which stimulates the growth of a new more flexible layer.Video of red lines in the body and its causesThere are many cases that c

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Reasons for the appearance of stretch signs

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