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Recipes for skin beauty – ” Contents1 beauty of the skin2 recipes for skin beauty3 referencesBeauty of the skinFor the skin to appear in a beautiful appearance, it must be preserved, the healthy skin makes the person younger than his original life, and the beautiful skin needs a healthy food and drink a lot of water, and the recipes have a Role in obtaining a beautiful skin, so we will mention in this article some simple and easy home recipes to get a beautiful sparkling skin.Recipes for beautiful skinOlive oil recipeFor many years, people used olive oil for various purposes, and one of its most popular uses is to take care of the skin and its beauty, and one of its most important uses and benefits for the skin:[1]MoisturizerWhere olive oil contains several anti-oxidants, making it the best moisturizer suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and it is simply used by washing the face with water and massaging the face with a few drops, and so A protective layer is formed on the surface of the skin that protects it from free radical damage, and it does not close the pores of the skin unlike other oils, and olive oil can be used as a daily moisturizer and night cream, and it is worth noting that

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its daily use gives the best results for the skin. [1]scrubOlive oil can be used to exfoliate the skin and body skin, and get rid of dead cells, which increases the radiance and smoothness of the skin, according to the following method:[1]Ingredients:An appropriate amount of sugar.An appropriate amount of olive to prepare:Mix a little sugar with drops of olive oil and massage the skin with the mixture.Smoothing the skinA healthy, sparkling and youthful skin can be achieved by using olive oil, with egg yolk that moisturizes it, and yogurt that helps to clean and gently peel them and close its pores, and honey that is blessed and refreshed, according to The following method:[1]ingredients:One tablespoon of honey.One egg yolk.1/2 teaspoon of olive oil.One tablespoon of to prepare:Mix all the ingredients to make a soft paste, then massage the skin with it.Putting on this face mask once a week helps to get the best results.Remove makeupDipping a cotton ball in olive oil and using it to remove eye makeup, as the skin becomes more fluid in the area around the eyes with continued use. [1]Treat under eye problemsDipping fingers in olive oil and gently massaging the area a

round the eyes before bed, as regular use of olive oil softens the skin around them. [1]acne treatmentOlive oil brightens the pores of the closed skin, which helps to treat acne, by adding 4 teaspoons of sea salt to 3 teaspoons of olive oil and mixing them well, then put the mixture on the face for several minutes, then rinse the face with warm water and Soap. [1]Yogurt milk recipeYogurt milk is one of the favorite ingredients to make a homemade recipe for the skin, especially sebum, from it; Indeed, it is very pleasant on the skin, and it is characterized by many benefits, because it contains lactic acid, which peels and removes oils from the skin, and is used by applying fresh yogurt on the skin and leaving it for 15 minutes , then rinse it with water, and it comes with the use of this recipe daily.Recipe for henna, olive oil, eggs and lemonNon-color henna is one of the best recipes to fight against small wrinkles and refresh the color of the skin of the face, and it is considered according to the following method:ingredients:10 grams of henna powder are non-color.A little boiling water.A quantity of olive oil.One egg yolk.A few drops of lemon juice, but the reaction of the skin

must be known before applying lemon juice, which is a strong acid by trying a small amount of it.directions for use:Mix the ingredients and distribute the mixture over the face, especially around the eyes and lips, where most wrinkles appear.Gently wash the face after 10 to 15 minutes and apply the usual cream (if necessary).The henna in this mixture has two advantages: peeling and nourishing the skin, and in case this recipe is used once a week, small wrinkles will disappear and the skin becomes soft, refreshing and sparkling, and the same mixture can be applied to the hands and nails where it has a great effect on them.Milk and lavender oil recipeMilk helps to reduce oils in the skin and make it soft, as it contains natural acids that help to reduce oils in the skin and remove dead cells, and are used as follows: Ingredients:A quantity of milk.One amount of lavender oil or sandalwood oil.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Mix the ingredients together.Put the mixture on the face and massage it gently.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes before washing it off with water.Oatmeal recipeOats is a wonderful home recipe for glowing skin, as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells, which is refle

cted in the glow of the skin, and it can immediately improve the health of the skin by making a facial mask that consists only of Oats soaked in warm water or can use milk instead of water that increases the moisture of the skin.Recipe for egg whitesEgg whites nourish the skin with the protein you need for a youthful and shiny appearance, through the following recipe:ingredients:An appropriate amount of honey.One egg to prepare:The egg whites are mixed, then add a tablespoon of honey that helps fight acne resulting from bacteria, in addition to moisturizing the skin.Put the mixture on the face and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with cold water and a clear difference in the skin will appear immediately.Carrot and honey recipeCarrots are distinguished by its richness with vitamin A and various antioxidants, and this is useful for the skin, as it maintains its health, radiance, vitality and moisture, and prevents the appearance of acne, skin dyes, pallor and variation in their color and fixes damaged skin tissue, as it protects the skin from harmful sunlight UV, drinking carrot juice in the summer protects from exposure to strong sunlight and is equivalent to a sunscr

een.Ingredients:Two tablespoons of grated carrots.A little to prepare:Mix the ingredients and put the mixture on the face and neck and let it dry.Then wash it with warm water.Recipe for mayonnaiseMayonnaise is rich in different nutrients of the skin that increases its moisture and reduces wrinkles there, as the proteins in it help to get rid of toxins, while lemon improves the production of collagen in the skin, and natural oils help to restore the normal The glow of the skin, and use mayonnaise as a treatment for the skin, should wash the face with a mild cleanser, then dry it with a towel, then put a layer on the face using fingers while avoiding the eye to avoid damaging it, then leave it on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes, wash the face with warm water and massage the skin well to stimulate blood circulation, finally, dry the skin, then apply a good moisturizer. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Recipes for skin beauty

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