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Recipes for skin whitening – ” Contents1 skin whitening2 natural recipes for skin whitening3 reasons that make the skin dark4 referencesSkin whiteningMany people like to have a skin without white skin, and the color of the skin depends on a substance called melanin, because the color of the skin depends on the amount of dyes that this substance produces, and the more secretion of the skin, the more skin color, and the multiple methods through which it can be eliminated from the skin color graduated, including the use of natural recipes. [1]Natural recipes for skin whiteningtomatoesTomatoes are a substance that whitens the skin, because it contains properties that open the skin, because it is rich in vitamin C, and contains astringents, oily skin is more vulnerable to acne and for this, tomatoes improve their condition, and that The recipe can be prepared by following the following: [1]]Take the pulp of the tomatoes and crush it well.Put the pulp of tomatoes on the face and let it dry.Leave the tomatoes on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the face with water.MilkMilk contains lactic acid which reduces the pigmentation of the skin, as it is a deep moisturizer for the skin, and milk can be used to whiten the skin acc

2 Natural recipes for skin whitening

ording to the following steps: [1]Method:Immersed an appropriate amount of milk until it becomes warm.Place the milk on the face with a clean cloth.Massage the face for 3-5 minutes.Repeat the method daily for two weeks.baking sodaBaking soda is one of the ingredients that have several uses for the skin, as it cleans and clears the skin, as it has an effective role in lightening and whitening the skin, and baking soda can be used according to the following steps:Method:A small amount of baking soda is placed in the palm of the hand.Add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.Add a little water and the amount of water depends on the preferred texture, whether it is soft or smooth.The ingredients are mixed in the palm of the hand.The face is massaged with circular motions, focusing on the areas affected by dark spots.The face is washed with cold water and the toner is used after it.Lemon oilLemon oil is one of the essential oils that contains good acids for the skin, and its smell is modified, and it can be used in the following method:Ingredients: A little lemon juice, olive oil and coconut water.Method:Mix the ingredients well and put it in a sprayer with a sprayer.Sprinkle this solution on

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the face every morning after cleansing it.Grapefruit and sugarGrapefruit is a good material to lighten and whiten the skin, as it is similar to the effect of oranges and lemon, and grapefruit can be used according to the following steps:ingredients:Half of the grapefruit.One plate of sugar.Method:The grapefruit piece is dipped in sugar.Moisturize the face with a little water or coconut oil.Gently massage the face with grapefruit, while avoiding the area under the eyes.The face is washed and a moisturizer is used for the skin after finishing, and it is recommended to massage the face with coconut oil.Dried orange peels and milkOranges contain the eggs of the skin, it is rich in vitamin C, which is a good factor to reduce dark spots and skin pigmentation, and orange peels can be used to prepare the following recipe:[2]ingredients:A quantity of orange peel.One tablespoon of unflavored yogurt.Method:Orange peels are dried in the sun for two to three days.The orange peels are crushed until they turn into powder.Mix the orange powder with a tablespoon of yogurt to make a soft paste.The paste is placed on the skin after cleansing it.Leave the paste on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash t

he face with lukewarm water.Repeat the method daily before going to bed.This recipe is suitable for all skin types.Tomatoes, yogurt and oatsLycopene in tomatoes, which gives it a distinctive red color, contains light-protecting properties that can protect the skin from aging and other age-related problems; Due to the abundance of antioxidants, tomatoes are one of those foods that can make the skin fresh, just as lycopene in tomatoes protects the skin from cancer, while oats work as a gentle scrub and improve skin health. [2]ingredients:One tomato seed.One teaspoon of fresh, unsweetened yogurt.One teaspoon of oatmeal.Method:Cut the tomatoes in half and take a teaspoon or two of the juice.Oats are placed in a bowl, add juice and milk and mix the ingredients well.The mask is applied on the clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.This method is repeated two to three times a week, and it is suitable for all skin types.Reasons for dark skinThese are the most important reasons that cause dark spots on the skin: [1]Exposure to sunlight, because sunlight stimulates the production of melanin, causing dark spots on the skin, and for this, it is better to apply

the sunscreen and wear a hat when you go out to protect the skin from its damage.Exposure to contaminated air, as the skin color becomes dark due to pollution, as there are many chemicals in polluted air.The use of heavy cosmetics, there are cosmetics that contain chemicals that can make the skin color dark over time.Aging, as a person ages, their skin may become weaker and softer and may also turn into darker color.Follow some bad patterns in life, like staying up late, and smoking, as it affects the skin and makes it darker in color.Exposure for a long period of stress or anxiety can disrupt the levels of the hormone in the body, which leads to many skin problems such as pimples and dark spots.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Recipes for skin whitening

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