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Recipes to filter the skin – ” Contents1 pure skin2 recipes to filter the skin3 tips for obtaining clear skin4 referencesPure skinEveryone is looking to have clear and bright skin, and cosmetics are not a solution to this; Because it is considered a temporary solution, not a treatment for skin problems, and it is necessary to face the skin problems of the skin with safe natural treatments, where safe and effective home methods can be followed to get a clear and pure skin. [1]Recipes to filter the skinThere are many natural recipes to get clear skin, including:The water recipe, lemon, cucumber and mint leavesThe cucumber cools and renews the skin cells. The lemon maintains the balance of the digestive system and the mint leaves regulate indigestion and eliminate any internal infection. And its method is: [1]ingredients:One liter of water.One cucumber pill.A lemon seed.A small mint to prepare:Cut the cucumber and lemon in an empty bowl, then add the mint leaves.Pour the water over the mixture, then put it in the refrigerator.We drink the mixture daily.Turmeric and pineapple juice recipeTurmeric and pineapple help to prevent spots from appearing on the skin area. And its method is:[2]ingredients:1 tabl

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espoon of turmeric powder.Sufficient amount of pineapple to prepare:Mix the ingredients to make a paste.We put the paste on the face, neck and let it dry completely.Wash the face and neck with warm water.We repeat this recipe two to three times a week.My darlingHoney is a strong and effective moisturizer; it contains antibacterial properties that prevent infection. And its method is:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.Two teaspoons of milk.One teaspoon of flour to prepare:Mix the ingredients together; For a mixture.Mix the mixture on the face and leave it for twenty minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water.We repeat this recipe once a week.Tomato recipeTomatoes help to get rid of impurities stuck in the skin. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: one tomato.How to prepare:We cut the slices of tomato.We put it directly on the skin.Oats, honey and lemonOats are peeled for dead skin cells and a strong moisturizer, because it contains antioxidants beneficial to the skin. And its method is:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oatmeal.One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of lemon to prepare:Mix all the ingredients well to make a soft, thick paste.Put the mixture

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on the face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes.We wash the face with warm water.Recipe for aloe veraAloe vera is one of the rich benefits in skin; It contains anti-killing bacteria that cause acne, and these antibiotics are characterized by calming the irritated skin, with medicinal properties that help treat scars, in addition to working as a moisturizer and a catalyst for the growth of new cells. And its method is: [2]ingredients:An aloe vera paper.A piece of to prepare:We take an aloe vera leaf and extract it.We put the gel on the face with a piece of cotton.Leave it on the face for half an hour until it dries, then rinse with warm water.We repeat this recipe daily, or several times a week.Rose water recipeRose water is an effective treatment for shiny leather, because it increases blood circulation and balance of acidity in the skin. And its method is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of rose water.A piece of to prepare:We put the rose water in the refrigerator 30 minutes before use.Grease the face and neck with cotton, let it dry the skin, then moisturize the skin.We repeat the recipe twice a day.Recipe for soda and lemon juiceBaking soda maintains the acidity

levels in the skin, which is extremely important, to maintain healthy skin, and is also considered anti-acne and spots, and is also characterized by its ability to exfoliate dead skin cells and maintains skin without skin. And its method is: [2]ingredients:One teaspoon of baking soda.One teaspoon of water or lemon to prepare:Mix all the ingredients well to make a paste.We clean the face, then put the paste on the skin.Rinse the face with warm water, then dry the face with a towel.We repeat this recipe two or three times a week.Another way using baking soda. They are:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of baking soda.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix all the ingredients well for a mixture.We put the mixture on the wet skin and rub it for a minute.Wash the face with warm water and sprinkle a few drops of cold water on the skin to close the pores.We repeat this recipe once a week.Potato recipePotatoes contain natural enzymes, which manage the skin. The use of potatoes helps to treat spots, impurities and obtaining flawless skin. And its method is: [1]Ingredients: one potato pill.How to prepare:Cut the potatoes into circular slices.Mark the skin with potatoes with circular mov

ements of five minutes.We wash the skin with cold water.We repeat this recipe two to three times a week.Olive oil recipeOlive oil moisturizes the skin and restores its softness; It contains vitamin E, which also helps to clean the skin. And its method is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of olive oil.Towel.A quantity of lukewarm to prepare:We put drops of oil on the skin and massage the skin with circular movements.We leave the skin for a few minutes.Soak the towel in warm water, then wipe the skin with a damp towel.We repeat the recipe daily before going to bed.Cucumber recipeCucumber is a strong, nutritious and vital option, repairing damaged cells and adding more freshness to the skin. And its method is: [2]Ingredients: a fresh cucumber seed.How to prepare:Option Cut into slices.Rub the face with cucumber slices and leave it on the face overnight.We wash the face in the morning with warm water.We repeat this recipe daily.Tips for a clear skinThere are many tips to achieve blemish-free, beautiful and healthy impurities, including:[2]Get away from stress.Get enough sleep.Eat a healthy, wholesome diet.Avoid exposure to UV rays.Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.the reviewerWas th

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Recipes to filter the skin

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