Recipes to lighten sensitive places

1 Change the color of sensitive places

Recipes to lighten sensitive places – ” Contents1 Change the color of sensitive areas2 Use of sensitive areas Lightening creams3 ReferencesChange the color of sensitive areasThe problem of dyeing sensitive areas is a non-medical problem, because following some wrong habits is the main cause of this problem, and these causes are excessive exposure to sunlight, or leather disease, or wearing political clothing and haircuts in these areas.Wearing tight clothes causes constant friction between the thighs, which makes the color of the area is dark in color. [1]Recipes to lighten sensitive areasPapaya soapPapaya soap lightens the color of the skin, and it is used at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening until the desired result, and during its use, it should be kept moisturizing the skin because it can cause dry skin. It can also be used as a papaya puree, apply it in dark areas and leave it for half an hour before washing it, and in a few weeks it will notice a clear difference in the change of skin color. [1]Lemon and milk juiceIt is possible to make a recipe consisting of a quarter of a lemon juice, with a tablespoon of milk, then the recipe is applied to sensitive areas to be lightened, and the a

2 Using sensitive areas lightening creams

loe vera gel can then be used to moisturize the skin. Taking into account not to use this recipe immediately after shaving the area, as it is possible to cause skin irritation. [1]Cucumber juiceCucumber juice is characterized by properties that lighten the skin, and the presence of vitamin A allows it to reduce the dark color in sensitive areas, as this vitamin controls the production of melanin in the skin. In addition, the option contains a high percentage of water, which helps to keep the skin moist and shiny, and the recipe is done by:how to prepareUse half of the cucumber juice, then distribute the juice to the sensitive area and leave it for a period of ten minutes to a quarter of an hour, then the area is washed with cold water.Another recipe consisting of two tablespoons of cucumber juice can also be prepared, along with half a tablespoon of lemon juice and turmeric powder, and the mixture is distributed to the sensitive area and left for ten minutes, and then the area is washed with cold water, And it is best to repeat this process every day. 2]Orange peelOrange scales can be used to lighten the skin, because they work to whiten the dark areas naturally, and can relieve th

em, and get rid of dark areas over time, because orange peels contain vitamin C with a higher level than the pulp and This vitamin works to fight free radicals that destroy skin cells and can make the skin brighter, and this recipe is done:how to prepare:Put the orange peels under the sunlight until they dry, then scramble.Mix one tablespoon of ground orange peel with two tablespoons of regular milk.A little honey can be added to the recipe.The recipe is applied to the sensitive area, which suffers from a dark color.The recipe is left to dry, then the area is rubbed with the hands after eating them with water, then the area is covered with cold water.The recipe is repeated twice a week. [2]AlmondAlmond or almond oil can be used to lighten sensitive areas, both of which work to reduce the dark color in sensitive areas, where almonds contain vitamin A and vitamin E, and basic fatty acids and all of these elements nourish the skin and moisturize and calm it Almonds exfoliate the skin and make it soft, the method is:how to prepareThe recipe can be prepared by soaking five to six grains of almonds, overnight, and in the morning, the almond kernels are crushed and mixed with a tablespoon

of milk, to make what is saturated with paste, then the paste is placed on the area to be lightened.Leave the mixture for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour, then the area is rinsed and massaged with a circular motion.The process is repeated two to three times a week for best results.The area can be massaged for five minutes using almond oil daily before bed. [2]Sandalwood and rosewater powderSandalwood powder has been used long ago for the purpose of softening, moisturizing and brightening the skin, and rose water has properties that brighten the skin, and crushed sandalwood can be obtained from perfume stores, and the recipe is prepared by mixing one tablespoon of it with ten drops of rose water, and then the mixture is distributed in the sensitive area after bathing, and left for twenty minutes, and then washed with water. [3]Use of lightening hot spotsIt is possible to resort to a dermatologist, to discover the appropriate types of creams to lighten sensitive areas, and it is preferable that these creams contain hydroquinone, because these types of creams are prohibited to produce melanin in the skin, but these creams must be used according to the instructions of the doctor a

s excessive use of them the long period used can lead to counterproductive results and can be toxic to the liver. [1]Given the side effects of the previous creams, you can consult a doctor, to use creams that brighten the skin but have milder side effects, and these creams often contain elysic acid and COGK acid, and 2% hydroquinone, and these substances work to prevent keratin and hair proteins produced in the skin. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Recipes to lighten sensitive places

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