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Recipes to lighten the face – ” Contents1 flash2 recipes to lighten the face3 tips for lightening the face4 referencesLightening the faceThe skin is exposed to many factors that cause it to be pale, dull and dark, such as exposure to long periods of sunlight, pollution, fatigue and stress, exposing the skin to dehydration and the application of cosmetics containing chemicals that cause skin damage. There are many skin care products that help to get rid of certain skin problems and lighten it, but it contains substances that cause skin damage and its results not groaning, because it is expensive, and it can be replaced by natural recipes that consist Simple natural materials that work to filter and brighten the skin, and make it free of defects and problems, with effective results, and we will talk about it in this article and on skin care tips. [1]Recipes for brightening the faceThe skin needs proper care, get rid of cells and deadly accumulated impurities and reduce exposure to sunlight, and can be taken care of by applying natural recipes that work to exfoliate and lighten the skin in a safe and simple way, including:[2 ]PumpkinPumpkin contains natural substances that whiten skin color, such as vitamin A, vit

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amin C and beta-carotene, and is considered a natural exfoliation, and an effective anti-glow, and pumpkin is suitable for all skin types. [2]ingredients:Some of the fresh pumpkin pieces.Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of to prepare:Boil the pumpkin and puree, so you have two teaspoons.Mix pumpkin with honey and milk well to get a smooth paste.Put on the skin of the face.Leave the paste on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Repeat the recipe two or three times a week before going to sleep.Citrus fruits and eggsEggs contain many proteins that act as a strong antibacterial and protect the skin from infections. As for lemon and grapefruit, it contains acids that clean and whiten the skin. [2]ingredients:One egg white.One teaspoon of grapefruit juice.One teaspoon of lemon juice.Two teaspoons sour cream.How to prepare:Whisk egg whites well in a bowl.Mix the lemon juice and run the scoot with the cream well and mix with egg whites together.The mixture is placed on the skin of the face.Leave the skin for 15 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.The recipe is repeated three times before going to sleep.Potato juicePotato juice contains a high per

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centage of vitamin C, and it contains a natural antioxidant component that gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells, to get the light skin. [2]ingredients:Potato to prepare:Peel the potatoes and cut into medium pieces.It is placed on the skin of the face, rubbing the juice on the skin.Leave the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the skin with normal water.The skin is moisturized with an appropriate moisturizer.Repeat the recipe three times a week.Cedar flour and milkRice flour promotes skin health and protects it from sunlight, reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, and makes it smooth and fresh, while milk provides the skin with nourishment and soothes it. [2]ingredients:Half a cup of raw rice.Three to four tablespoons of to prepare:Mash the rice until it becomes soft.Mix the rice with milk to make a paste.The paste is placed on the skin.Leave the paste on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water.The recipe is repeated two or three times a week.WildWild grapes strengthen the immune system, make the skin bright and clear. [2]Ingredients:A handful of fresh wild grapes.Half a cup of regular to prepare:Crush wild grapes and mix well wit

h milk to make a paste.Put the skin on.Leave the paste on the skin for 15 minutes.Wash the skin with warm water.Repeat the recipe twice a week before going to sleep.Aloe vera and rice flourAloe vera contains many antioxidants and nutrients that provide the skin with nourishment and protect it from damage, and aloe vera works to get rid of skin problems and treat them.Ingredients:One fresh aloe vera paper.Two tablespoons of rice to prepare:Aloe vera gel is extracted from the aloe vera leaf, mixed with rice flour.The mixture is placed on the skin, rubbed gently for a few minutes with circular motions using the tips of the fingers.Wash the skin with warm water, then cold water.The skin dries and moisturizes.The recipe is repeated daily.Facial lighting tipsThere are many tips that should be followed to achieve clear skin free of impurities and lights, including:[3]Drink enough water: water helps to do functions of the body and to the skin cells in a correct and solid way, preferably drinking two liters of water daily, to get a skin that looks younger and opens a color.Cleaning and moisturizing the skin: the skin must clean daily, remove makeup before going to sleep and keep i

t moisturized daily to be healthy, clear and white.Get enough sleep: Sleep at night at an average of eight hours to open the pores of the skin, improve its health and radiation.Using a sunscreen: the skin needs protection from the external atmosphere when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, placing a sunscreen that contains a protection rate of not less than 15 degrees continuously, whether it is sunny or cloudy, in order to protect the skin from pigmentation and brighten the skinRegular skin exfoliation: natural exfoliants get rid of dead skin cells, impurities that make the skin pale to get a bright skin and clear color.Eat fruits and vegetables: healthy skin needs a moderate diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, which consist of many minerals and vitamins beneficial to the skin, to get the clear and clear skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Recipes to lighten the face

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