Recipes to remove blackness from the body

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Recipes to remove blackness from the body – ” Contents1 black body2 ways to get rid of the darkness of the body3 recipes to eliminate the darkness of the body4 referencesBlack bodyThe skin of the face and body is exposed to many factors, such as exposure to pollution, sunlight resulting from UV rays, physical stress and unhealthy diet, exposure to chemicals found in some products, all of these factors lead to the change of skin color and Blackness, as a result of the accumulation of dead skin cells, the solution, will make mixtures containing natural ingredients and safe to use, to balance the color of the skin, inspect it, remove stains, protect the skin from UV rays and eliminate bacteria. [1].Ways to get rid of body darknessMany people want to get a bright and healthy skin without face and body, and get it, it must be taken care of properly and daily, and also using natural products, including [2]:Using a sunscreenUsing sunscreen daily, wearing long-sleeved sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and hat, to protect the body from ultraviolet rays that cause darkness and skin cancer of the body, and be sure to use the condom even if it is not very hot [2] .Clean and moisturize the skinTake care of the skin by cleaning and moisturizi

2 ways to get rid of the darkness of the body

ng it properly and daily moisturizer suitable for the skin [2].scrubPeeling works to remove dead skin cells with a dark color and new skin appears underneath, and the method of exfoliation is used once a week, and it uses products that contain small molecules, or by gently rubbing the face with a piece of clean, damp cloth [2].A healthy dietBy drinking more water and following a healthy diet that works to rejuvenate the skin, skin dyes fade to make the skin healthy and bright, and it is advisable to drink about six to eight cups of water per day and follow a healthy diet that Contains vitamins and nutrients that the body needs from fruits, vegetables and avoid industrial materials [2].Stop smokingIt is known that smoking is harmful to health, affects the skin and works on the appearance of premature aging, which causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents blood flow to the face, making it appear in a gray color [2].Recipes for eliminating darkness from the bodyOpen areas of the sun are more vulnerable to change their color and dark, and some people focus their attention mainly on their faces, but it is necessary to take care of the whole body to prevent the dark

3 recipes for removing blackness from the body

from spreading the skin and exposure to Damage, and we will talk about natural recipes to lighten the black [3].LemonIt contains acidic properties, which works on natural whitening, and contains vitamin C, which helps get rid of dead skin cells and the growth of new cells, to make the skin light and bright. And its method is:[3]ingredients:A little sugar.Half a lemon to prepare:Sprinkle some shirts on half a lemon.Rub the skin with it to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells.Leave for ten minutes, then wash with water.Use once a week.Note: It is advisable not to be exposed to the sun for at least 1 to 2 hours and use a good moisturizer so that the skin is not dehydrated.YogurtMilk contains lactic acid, which is an effective whitening factor to lighten and whiten the color of the skin, removing dead skin cells to remove the skin from the skin and relieve its dark color. It also contains proteins and vitamins that appreciate the skin. And its method is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of yogurt.How to prepare:A yogurt is placed on dark skin areas with massage for a few minutes.Leave for ten minutes to fifteen minutes, then wash with normal water.Use once or twice a day to improve ski

n tone.OptionCucumber contains vitamin A, which helps to improve skin color by controlling the skin in the production of melanin, and it contains properties to lighten the skin to get rid of tanning and pigmentation, and maintains the moisture of the skin by containing water. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: a quantity of fresh cucumber.How to prepare:Cut the slices of fresh cucumber and rub the dark areas for five minutes.Leave for fifteen minutes to absorb the skin cucumber juice, then wash with water.Repeat this process twice three times a day.Aloe veraAloe vera restores the natural complexion, brightens the darkness, skin pigmentation and contains moisturizing properties for the skin. And its method is [3]:Ingredients: a few leaves oleofra.How to prepare:Cut an aloe vera leaf and extract the aloe vera gel, and rub the black areas for five minutes.Leave for thirty minutes, then wash with plain water.For clear skin, use twice a day.Note: The sun should not be exposed immediately after using aloe vera on the peelCitrus fruits contain vitamin C, which is a natural whitening, reduces pigmentation of the skin and orange peel also contains citric acid, which exfoliates t

he skin to get rid of dead skin cells. And its method is [3]:ingredients:A quantity of orange peel.The amount of milk.How to prepare:Mix two tablespoons of orange peel powder with milk to make a paste.The paste is placed on the black areas.Leave for twenty minutes and rubbed gently with a circular motion with wet fingers.It is used two or three times a week.tomatoesTomatoes remove dead skin cells, to make the skin smooth and tomatoes contain whitening properties that brighten the skin, and also contains antioxidant lycopene, which works to protect the skin from sunlight, making the skin less exposed to damage and allergies caused by UV rays, which is one of the reasons for the change of skin color to black. And its method is: [3]how to prepare:Rub a small piece of tomatoes on the black area of the leather for two to three minutes and let it dry.The skin is washed with water.It is used daily before bathing.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Recipes to remove blackness from the body

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