Recipes to remove dark circles

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Recipes to remove dark circles – ” Contents1 dark circles2 ways to eliminate dark circles3 referencesDark circlesDark circles that appear under the eyes are among the things that bother people with them. The person may appear in the form of pandas as a result of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It is sold in pharmacies, but it is one Among the expensive products, so these creams can be replaced by natural recipes, but these recipes need time to achieve the desired result. [1]Methods to eliminate dark circlesSweet almond oil recipeSweet almond oil is one of the good and important oils for the skin, especially under the eyes, because it contains vitamin E, where a number of drops of sweet almond oil are placed on the auras under the eyes with a light and gentle massage and left For the second day, then wash the face with the process repeated daily to get the desired results. [2]Recipe for aloe vera gelAloe vera gel, which consists of aloe vera gel, is a soothing and natural moisturizer for the skin, because it is a good nutrient for the skin, Olvra recipe is made by bringing the natural aloe vera gel and putting it on a cotton ball and Wipe the area under the eyes in a pleasant way and leave it for 10

2 ways to remove dark circles

to 12 minutes, she repeated the operation daily in the morning and evening. [2]Cucumber recipeCucumber is a natural sedative and skin refreshing in addition to it works to lighten the color of the skin, cucumber is cut in the form of rings, then it is placed in the refrigerator for half an hour and then placed on the eyes and Left for ten minutes, then wash the area with water with a repetition of the process twice a day, and another mixture is made. With the option, applying an amount of cucumber with an equal amount of lemon juice in the blender, then using A thick, the mixture is placed under the eyes and left for 15 minutes, then washed with water. The process is repeated daily to get the results. [3]Rose water recipeRose water which carries the properties of the medicine is soothing and stimulating to the skin. Rose water is used by soaking the special eye cotton with fresh rose water for a few minutes, then put it on the eyes while they are closed and leave it for 15 minutes. The process is recurring twice a day. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Recipes to remove dark circles

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