Recipes to remove the black armpits

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Recipes to remove the black armpits – ” Contents1 black armpits2 tips for treatment3 recipes to eliminate black armpits4 referencesBlackness of the armpitUnderarm darkness is an embarrassing problem that negatively affects self-confidence and freedom of choice in clothing. Women who suffer from the problem of black armpits choose clothes with sleeves, and despite this, the problem of black armpits is not a satisfactory state, and it can be treated with simple and effective natural remedies. Often, the cause of the color change is the use of deodorant, in addition to some other factors, such as skin pigmentation, genetics, friction, shaving underarms or certain medical conditions. The article will mention a number of natural ways to treat the problem of black underarms safely and effectively. [1]Tips for treating black underarmsWhile a set of tips for the treatment of darkening underarms:Tips for changing some daily habits leading to dark underarm.There are many tips that you should follow to treat the color of the underarm color, including:[2]Regular shower.Using wax to remove hair instead of shaving: which helps to get rid of black hair, which causes underarm blackness, and using wax removes dead skin cells.Exfoliatio

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n: when dead skin cells accumulate, this can cause dark spots. The correct peeling is used with a semi-roughened sponge during the bath.Change the type of sweat: some deodorants can cause a negative reaction to the skin cells that produce melanin. You should consult a doctor or specialist on the best types of deodorants.Dry skin: skin should be kept dry and not damp under the arms, especially during the summer.Avoid wearing clothes that cause sweat: they should be replaced by clothes made of moisture-absorbing fabric, especially when exercising.Avoid very hot or cold places.Maintain a healthy body weight.Healthy tips to reduce dark underarmsThere are some health-related tips to reduce black underarms, including:[3]Consult a doctor: home remedies may not help with the problem of black armpits in a condition known as nantrican acanthosis nigricans, a skin disorder that results in signs of brown tilted to black in the armpits. This condition can occur as a result of obesity or endocrine disorder. This problem often appears in people with diabetes, or who are exposed to it, and it also occurs in people of African descent. Other possible causes of this condition include Addison’s diseas

3 Recipes to remove the blackness of the armpit

e, pituitary disorders, hypothyroidism or the use of contraceptives taken by mouth.Change the diet: for example, if you have diabetes, it is recommended to adjust the diet, such as reducing carbohydrates and sugars.Stop taking birth control pills: the pill causes black armpits, so you should stop taking them and replace them with birth control methods. If there is an improvement in the case of armpits, it means that the reason is these pills.The use of certain drugs: tretinoin or urea can help 20%, or salicylic acid. The drugs most used in skin peeling devices in the United States are hydroquinone, which is organized by the FDA Food and Drug Administration. Dermatologists can write prescriptions for creams that contain up to 4% hydroquinone.Non-electrolysis hair removal: all women, especially those who suffer from dark skin, are at risk of hyperbia (darkening of the skin) when using electrolysis to remove hair, so they must be stopped immediately.Recipes for removing dark underarmsPotatoesPotatoes have light acidic properties, which make it one of the great treatments to get rid of underarm darkening completely, and this does not cause skin irritation. The method is: [1]Ingredients

: a quantity of potatoes.How to prepare:Potatoes are cut into thin slices.Slices are used to rub the area under the armpits.Otherwise:Juice is extracted from potatoes.Potato juice is applied to the underarm area.Leave the juice on for 15 to 20 minutesThis method is repeated twice a day.OptionCucumber is a good solution for dark skin under the armpits, as it contains natural properties that help lighten the skin. The method is:[1]how to prepare:Cucumber is cut into thin slices.The area is rubbed under the armpits with cucumber slices.This method is repeated twice a day.Otherwise:Cucumber juice is extracted.Mix the extracted juice with turmeric powder and lemon juice to make a paste.The paste is placed on the dark areas.Rinse with water after 30 minutes.This method is repeated once a day for best results.MilkMilk has many benefits for the skin, as most women use it to moisturize and lighten the skin; in fact, it is very rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are useful in reducing the darkening of the underarms to the lowest. In addition, it has many health benefits for the skin and hair. [1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of whole milk.1 tablespoon of curd.1 tablespoon of flour.How to us

e:Mix the ingredients together to make a paste.It is placed on the skin.Leave the skin fifteen minutes.The skin is washed with cold water.Coconut oilCoconut oil is one of the best essential oils for preserving the beauty of the skin, and it is also used to get rid of blackness under the armpits. Coconut oil contains vitamin E which opens the skin. The method is:[1]ingredients:A small amount of coconut oilhow to prepare:Coconut oil is placed under both armpits, gently massaged.Leave the oil on for 10 to 15 minutes.Moderate soap and warm water are used to rinse.This method is repeated two to three times a day.baking sodaBaking soda is used to remove dead cells and eliminate germs that cause body odor. The method is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of baking soda.A small amount of to prepare:Add the baking soda to the water to make a thick paste.Rub underarms with this paste.The area rinses and cleans the dry area completely.This method is repeated several times a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Recipes to remove the black armpits

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