Recipes to remove wrinkles under the eye

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Recipes to remove wrinkles under the eye – ” Contents1 wrinkles2 recipes to remove under the eye3 causes of wrinkles around the eye4 tips to reduce wrinkles under the eye5 referencesWrinkleWrinkles are a natural sign of aging, and although genetics primarily determines the structure and nature of the skin, the main reason for its formation is exposure to sunlight, especially those with fair skin, as well as many factors, including pollutants and smoking. And wrinkles can be annoying for some people, but this can be solved and treated by many methods such as drugs, injections and surgery, or through some of the natural recipes that will be mentioned in this article. [1]Recipes to eliminate wrinkles under the eyeCoconut oil and apple cider vinegarAlthough there are many natural remedies used to reduce and eliminate wrinkles, coconut oil is the safest, so it improves collagen production and helps replenish skin cells, as it reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin. [2]The first method:ingredients:A few drops of coconut oil.1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.1 tablespoon of water.Cotton to prepare:Reduce the apple vinegar with water, then use a cotton ball, wipe the face gently and carefully.Leave the mixture on the fac

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e until it dries completely.Massage the face with coconut oil well after the mixture dries.Leave it on the face for a full night and wash it off the next morning.Repeat this method every night.The apple vinegar balances the acidity of the skin and the skin before applying coconut oil.The second method: this method includes mixing coconut with castor oil, which is considered a deep moisturizer for the skin, because it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, as it maintains the freshness of the skin, its youthfulness and its method is:ingredients:3-2 drops of coconut oil.3-2 drops of castor to prepare:Mix the ingredients together, then massage the mixture carefully and gently into the face.Leave the mixture on the face for as long as possible and prefer overnight.Repeat this method every day, to get a skin free.Lemon juice and olive oilThis method makes the skin soft and supple, as it reduces wrinkles, and is represented by the following steps: [3]ingredients:A small amount of olive oil.A teaspoon of lemon to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Put the mixture on the face and massage it gently.Apple, honey and milk maskApple is rich in vitamins that fight hard-t

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o-remove wrinkles, as it can be used as a preventive treatment before wrinkles appear, and the method is:[3]ingredients:Apple.One teaspoon of powdered milk.One teaspoon of to prepare:Put the apple in a bowl, then boil it with water.Let it cool, then remove the seeds and crush them well.Add the rest of the ingredients to the apple and mix well.Put the mixture on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse.Repeat this method every day.Olive oil and honeyIt is considered one of the important oils for the skin, because it is a good source of antioxidants, such as vitamin A and vitamin E, which fight harmful free radicals to the skin, and olive oil renews the skin cells when it penetrates the The depths of the skin offer long-term protection and its method is:[4]ingredients:A few drops of honey.A few drops of olive oil.A small amount of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Put the mixture on the face and massage it gently.Use this method twice a day, even notice the results.Causes of wrinkles around the eyeClaws under the eye gives to an older look than its real age, and its formation is attributed to several reasons, represented by the following: [5]Presentation at the t

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ime as mentioned, as well as exposure to sunlight.Acne and smoking.If you notice more wrinkles on one eye, the cause may be facial expressions such as smiling or sleeping more on one side of the sides, as this side is pressed towards the pillow.Some surgeries, injuries and muscle movements of the face lead to the appearance of wrinkles.Tips for reducing under eye wrinklesThe layer of skin under the eyes is very thin, so it is very vulnerable to the appearance of wrinkles and lines that show one with older age, and home remedies often help to solve this problem without resorting to any medical intervention, and the following are some tips that can be followed to reduce wrinkles: [6]Stop bad lifestyles: some of the patterns and methods that one did in his life can cause wrinkles around the eyes, and the face looks worse, in addition to what they indirectly destroy the face, such as frowning and tanning (tanning) And smoking that is free radicals causes damage to the skin cells, in addition to trying to change the sleeping style on one side.Protect the skin around the eyes from the sun: UV rays in the sunlight destroy the skin cells and dye the skin and curl it, so a high quality suns

creen should be applied, in addition to applying sunglasses to avoid this, and to provide as much protection as possible.Use a moisturizer for the face or eyes every morning: or a face wash, where it fills the skin with water and reduces the intensity of wrinkles and eye lines, which leads to the appearance of the skin in a more luminous and youthful appearance.Use a cream to fight wrinkles and aging every night before going to sleep: be sure to choose good quality creams, especially those that contain anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin C or vitamin E.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Recipes to remove wrinkles under the eye

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