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Recipes to take care of the skin – ” Contents1 skin care2 recipes to take care of the skin3 skin care tips4 referencesSkin careThe foods that are consumed greatly affect the health and freshness of the skin, and cosmetics, cleaning preparations and facial peeling have an effect on the skin, and we will seek here to talk about natural ingredients available at home and through which skin care can be given, and give them the necessary nutrition, as well as these ingredients get rid of the skin of toxins, and can be tried without worry because they are safe on the skin. [1]Recipes to care for the skinA recipe to moisturize the skinTo moisturize the skin, vegetable oils can be used and the following is a way to use a group of oils to moisturize the skin:[1]ingredients:Half a cup of cocoa butter.Two tablespoons of beeswax.Two teaspoons of filtered water.Three tablespoons grape seed oil.Two tablespoons of coconut oil.One tablespoon of wheat germ oil.Method:Place the honey bees in the water, then the ingredients are placed on the heat until the honey wax is dissolved.Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.Let the mixture cool, then it is used.Washing of the skinThis natural wash is used to clean the skin without causi

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ng dryness, and it can be prepared according to this method:[1]Ingredients:One cup of whole milk.Two tablespoons of grape seed oil.One tablespoon of lemon juice.Method:Mix all the ingredients, then put in a closed bowl and keep in the refrigerator.The wash is used to clean the face daily.A recipe to remove facial hairThis natural mixture can be tried to get rid of facial hair, according to the following method:[2]Ingredients:10 ml of lemon juice.40 ml of honey.Method:Mix the ingredients and with the help of a piece of cotton, the mixture is placed on the face towards the growth of hair.After 15 minutes, the face is washed.The method is repeated twice a week, for a period of two weeks, and then used once a week until the desired result is achieved.A recipe to lighten the skinTo lighten the skin and get rid of dark spots caused by sun exposure, the following method is used:[2]Ingredients:One egg white.Two tablespoons of honey.Method:Mix the ingredients and put the mask on the face.Leave the mask on for five minutes.The face is washed with a gentle wash on the skin.A recipe for freshness of the skinBananas can be used to give the freshness of the skin, as it is one of the wonderful in

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gredients of the face, according to the following steps: [2]Method:Mash the bananas and mix with an appropriate amount of milk.The mask is placed on the face with a circular massage for 20 minutes to half an hour.Wash the face with water.LipstickExfoliation removes dead skin cells, and it is best to use brown sugar for peeling, and it is by applying it to the lips and rubbing them, and it is according to the following method:[3]ingredients:A pinch of sugar.Drops of honey.Method:A pinch of sugar is placed on a few drops of honey.Distribute the scrub on the lips and rub gently for a minute.Wash the lips with warm water.A lipstick is used.A recipe to eliminate wrinklesAlmond oil is used to get rid of wrinkles because it contains omega -3 acids, as well as vitamin E, which prevents collagen deficiency, as these are substances that moisturize the skin, prevent the signs of aging and can be used according to the following method:[4]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of almond oil.Half a teaspoon of castor oil.Method:Mix the ingredients in a bowl.A small amount of the mixture is placed in the palm of the hand.Gently massage the mixture into the face.Leave the oil on overnight.The method is repea

ted daily before going to bed.A recipe to remove blackheadsTo remove blackheads, pentonite clay is used, because it contains important minerals for the health of the skin and get rid of many problems, the most important of which are blackheads, and it can be used according to the following method:[5]ingredients:1 tablespoon of pentonite clay.A small amount of apples and water.Method:Mix the ingredients to make a thick paste.A thin layer of paste is placed on the face using the fingertips.Leave the mask on for 10-25 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.A cream is used to moisturize the skin.A recipe to eliminate dark circlesUsing substances containing minerals and vitamins available in apple cider vinegar, the eyes are rid of dark circles and the cells are renewed in two days, according to this method:[6]ingredients:1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.cotton.Method:Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and with the help of a piece of cotton, put the tip of the apple cider vinegar.The apple cider vinegar is placed on the area under the eyes and left to dry.Note: the apple cider vinegar should be used in this area with caution and if it gets into the eyes, they should be washe

d out immediately.Skin Care TipsThese are the most important skin care tips:[7]The use of natural detergents: the use of natural materials to clean the skin is greatly beneficial, because these substances are safe and the most important is honey, because it contains therapeutic properties of the skin, as it gives it the necessary moisture, calms the Skin, and contains many minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin B, biotin, antioxidants, honey can also be used to treat acne.Use of natural toner: The use of toner is important to achieve balance in the skin, as it distributes natural oils in the skin so that these oils reach dry areas and to prepare a natural toner, cucumber juice is used with a small amount of water , after cleaning the skin.Use of natural moisturizers: glycerin from natural moisturizers, and it can be used by mixing one part of it with four parts of water, and massaging the face with the fingertips, and a drop of almond or lavender oil can be added to Increase the effectiveness of this moisturizer.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Recipes to take care of the skin

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