Recipes to treat melasma

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Recipes to treat melasma – ” Contents1 costs2 reasons for the emergence of melasma3 natural mixtures to get rid of costs4 medical methodsCostIt is considered a factitious and annoying problem for both men and women, and it spreads on the face and its spread is more striking on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and open areas of the body such as arms and neck, and appears in the form of a small size and brown or gray color.Many are looking to get rid of this problem and get a clear skin without impurities, so they need to know the reasons that led to the emergence of costs and its spread to treat it, and we in turn collected some of its causes and Methods of treatment We will mention it during this article.Reasons for the emergence of melasmaLong term exposure to hot sun increases the stimulation of pigment cells and thus melasma appears, and when avoiding sun exposure, the skin returns to its nature and melasma gradually disappears.Increase the activity of pigment cells in dark skinned people, as it produces pigmentation with the skin due to the increase of melanin layer.Lack of vitamins in the body.Use of skin care products that are not compatible with it causes irritation in the skin.Talking in hormones for

2 Reasons for the emergence of melasma

a pregnant woman; As it disappears after birth, as a converging pregnancy increases the color of the spots on the skin and leads to the appearance of tanning.Take birth control pills or by adhesive and anti-graft injections; It contains a high percentage of melanin or take hormonal medications.The occurrence of hormonal disorders caused by psychological causes or dysfunction of the menstrual cycle.Eating antibiotics; So that some of them interact with sunlight.Exfoliation of the skin, or perform plastic surgery, or remove excess hair in unskilled and unqualified people.Natural mixtures to get rid of costsGrease the skin with apple cider vinegar, it has the ability to lighten the color of the skin because it contains acetic acid, and it also sterilizes it and fights pimples.Grease the skin with onion juice, applying a quantity of juice on a cotton ball and applying it to the locations of melasma, or cutting onions into thin slices and soaking it in apple cider vinegar and then applying it to the skin, so the results are better.Soak the cotton with fresh lemon juice and apply it on the melasma places; Lemon contains natural acids so it reduces the occurrence of skin pigmentation and

3 natural mixtures to get rid of costs

lemon juice fights melasma.Mix an equal amount of tea tree oil with lavender oil and apply the skin with the mixture four times a day on the cost areas, and the problem will end in a week.Medical methodsUsing a cream that contains hydroquinone, it whitens the skin.Resort to laser cost removal if domestic mixtures are not delivered with a final result.Was the article useful?

4 Medical methods

Recipes to treat melasma

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