Recipes to whiten the face quickly

1 oat recipe

Recipes to whiten the face quickly – ” Contents1 oat recipe2 pumpkin recipes3 rice flour recipes4 blue berry recipes5 red onion recipe6 Grapefruit and Sugar Recipe7 lemon juice recipes8 referencesOat recipeOats are one of the best natural elements for stimulating the growth of new skin cells, which open up, exfoliate and make them smooth and fresh, as follows: [1]ingredients:A simple amount of turmeric.Several drops of lemon juice.One teaspoon of oatmeal.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Mix the ingredients together to form a thick paste.The paste is placed on the face and left until dry.Wash face with water.The process is repeated once a day.Pumpkin recipePumpkin is one of the elements full of antioxidants and strong acids, important for peeling all types of skin, because it contains many vitamins, such as: vitamin A and C, which makes it suitable for whitening the skin and give it freshness, in the in the following Part:[2]Ingredients:Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of milk.Two tablespoons of pumpkin pumpkin.DIRECTIONS:Pumpkin pumpkin can be extracted by cutting the pumpkin fruit for several pieces, then boiling the pieces and crushing using the blender.Mix the ingredients well.Apply two tablespoons of the mixture on the

2 Pumpkin recipe

face, for about 20 minutes.Rinse off the skin with lukewarm water.The process is repeated (2-3) times a week, at night.In the case of an allergy to dairy products, it can be replaced with rose water or aloe vera gel.Recipe for rice flourRice flour is useful for brightening the skin, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and prevents the signs of skin progression, also stimulates the production of new skin cells, cleanses the skin of excessive oils, treats dark circles, tightens the skin and Rice flour contains aminopinsic acid (in English natural aminobenzoic acid, which is useful for sunlight, and reduces skin pigmentation, following the following recipe:[3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of water, milk or milk.The amount of a handful of a rice without hands or rice flour ready to use can be purchased in stores.instructions for use:Grind the rice.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the face, for (20-30) minutes.Rinse the skin with plain water, then with cold water.The process is repeated (2-3) times a week.Recipe for blue berriesBlue berries, antioxidants, are useful for whitening the face, in the following way:ingredients:One cup of blue berries.One cup of yogu

3 rice flour recipe

rt.instructions for use:Crush the blue berries with a fork, to make a soft paste.Mix the berry paste with yogurt.The mixture is distributed on the skin, evenly, and left for 20 minutes.It is best to repeat this recipe, twice a week, before sleeping.It is recommended to avoid applying this mask on the skin for a very long time; in order not to color the face blue.It is recommended to test the berry recipe on the wrist, before applying it on the skin, to test the skin allergy and its acceptance of the mask.Red onion recipeRed onion contains natural elements, similar to the elements of lemon, so the skin can be lightened and dark spots using red onions, in the following way:[4]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:The skin is rubbed with a slice of red onions daily, while avoiding the circumference of the ocean.It is advisable to avoid this recipe for those who suffer from allergy to onion, and it is recommended to consult a doctor before applying herbal treatment on the skin.Grapefruit and sugar recipePeeling the face with the help of grapefruit fruit is one of the best natural and easy recipes for skin whitening, because it contains ingredients that remove dark spots from the skin, and when used with

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sugar, it increases the effectiveness of the recipe, to benefit the sugar in cleaning the skin of dirt, and oils remained there, and that. In the following manner:ingredients:Half of the fruit of the grapefruit.A machine is filled with pure reed sugar.A quantity of warm water or coconut oil.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Grapefruit is soaked in sugar.Moisten the skin with warm water or coconut oil.The skin gently uses the grapefruit, while pressing, and make sure to stay away from the area around the eyes.The skin is moisturized with a heavy moisturizer; for best results.Lemon juice recipesLemon is useful for whitening the face, due to its high vitamin (C) content, in one of the following methods: [5]The first method:Mix a quantity of lemon juice with a quantity of tomato juice or turmeric powder.The resulting mixture is applied to the skin and left for 30 minutes.The skin is washed well with water.The second method:Mix a quantity of honey with a quantity of milk powder and the quantity of lemon juice.The resulting mixture is applied on the skin and left for (15-20) minutes.It is recommended to avoid applying lemon juice on open wounds in the skin.The third method: it is as follows: [6]It is e

xtracted from the amount of half a lemon seed and mixed with the amount of water equal to the lemon juice.Soak a piece of cotton with the resulting solution.The cotton ball is passed over the face or anywhere in the skin.The lemon juice is left on the skin for (15-20) minutes, and you should stay away from sun exposure in the meantime; to avoid the lemon juice interacting with the sunlight.The skin rinses off well.The skin is moisturized to protect it from the dryness that can be caused by lemon juice.The process is repeated for more than (2-3) times a week, for satisfactory results.The fourth method: the citric acid of lemon is useful to get rid of dead skin cells, whiten the skin, while honey provides the skin, with nutrients and moisture, and milk is useful to cool, calm the skin and reduce acidity, as follows: [7]Mix one tablespoon of yogurt, two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of lemon juice.The resulting mixture is applied to the skin with fingers or with a soft brush, while avoiding the eye; Lest you burn due to lemon juice.Leave the mask on the skin for 10 minutes.Soak a piece of cloth in warm water, then wipe the skin in a pleasant way.Rinse the face with warm wat

er and let it dry.Repeat the process for up to a month and avoid using this mask for more unless you consult a doctor.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Recipes to whiten the face quickly

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