Remove acne and its effects from the face

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Remove acne and its effects from the face – ” Contents1 acne2 Prevention and reducing the appearance of acne3 How to treat acne4 referencesAcneAcne is one of the annoying skin diseases, and it targets more category of young adults than others; The disease causes pimples with a prominent head on the face, shoulder and back. Acne is not infectious diseases, so it is not transmitted from one person to another, and there are levels and stages of acne; The condition of the patient can be very critical for the love to spread and cover the most complete face, or spread medium or light. [1]Prevention and mitigation of acneThere are many ways that protect from the appearance of acne and also protect from skin diseases, including the following: [2] [3]If a person has acne, he or she should refrain from using cosmetics, especially for women; Cosmetics usually block the body’s oil glands, which stimulates and accelerates the appearance of love.Also avoid eating candy, sweets and soft drinks. If the amount of sugar in the blood is more than necessary, this is caused by increased secretion of insulin and other substances that cause acne.The face should be washed and maintained continuously, and it is best to use medical soap for this purp

2 Prevention and mitigate the appearance of acne

ose.When cleaning the face, you should not rub it with great force, so the face should be rubbed gently and carefully because it is a very sensitive area for external factors.There are many medical products; such as antibiotics used to prevent or mitigate acne.Using cosmetics and ointments continuously, but you must consult a doctor before use, because the body can carry an allergy to a certain type of component of us, causing a greater spread of love.How to treat acneThere are many ways to treat acne, and they are chosen according to the stage of development of the disease and its spread, and we mention the following: [4]Treatment with modern technologies such as laser, as it is known that laser is a great and effective technology; Where laser treats acne and prevents its appearance, and also removes its effects, but it has a very high cost.Medication: There are many medical ointments that help relieve acne and its appearance, and there are regular treatments and are used in stages and the treatment period can reach a year.Physiotherapy: There are many recipes consisting of natural materials and herbs that eliminate and reduce the appearance of acne and its effects, such as the us

3 How to treat acne

e of lemon mask, milk mask and wipe the skin on a daily basis, honey and cocoa Also massage, clean the face with rose water on a daily basis, and other recipes available for use easily easily.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Remove acne and its effects from the face

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