Remove acne stains

1 Remove acne stains

Remove acne stains – ” Contents1 Remove acne spots1.1 Wash your face twice a day1.2 Use lemon juice1.3 Green tea1.4 Baking soda recipe1.5 drink water1.6 Sulfur or turmeric soapRemove acne spotsRed pimples appear in adolescence in many different sizes on the face, which causes embarrassment and inconvenience to many boys and girls, so that they look for different ways to get rid of them and remove their effects, and in our article, we will talk about the Most important of these methods to remove the effects of acne.Washing the face twice a dayThe face is washed with lukewarm water in order to remove dirt and dust from the face, taking care to use a moisturizer after washing the face, and you can replace the moisturizer with cucumber juice, because it is an anti-inflammatory factor and Therefore, it limits swelling and redness.Use lemon juiceThe uses of lemon in natural skin remedies abound, as it destroys the bacteria that cause acne, in addition to eliminating it for dead skin cells, and redness can be reduced through the use of lemon juice. On the skin daily before bed to clear the skin and completely eliminate pimples.Green teaThe benefits of green tea are not limited to its nutritional value, but ra

1.1 Washing the face twice daily

ther extended to its great benefits for the skin, as it helps to get a clear skin in addition to its benefit to get rid of scars, and to achieve this result, you can Mix the green tea mineral with oatmeal in order to make a mask that is placed for thirty minutes, and then it is removed with warm water.Baking soda recipeIf you want to get rid of the effects of acne quickly, the recipe of baking soda can be the best way to achieve your goal, it helps to clean the skin and exfoliate the skin in an excellent way, and the way is to mix the amount of one tablespoon of baking soda with a little water until the paste is formed, then left on the skin about two to three minutes, the skin is rinsed, and if you want to get a better result, repeat the steps twice a week.drink waterWater has great benefits for the body and skin, it cleanses toxins from the body, as well as it is useful for all skin types, and helps to maintain a glistening and moist skin if drinking is done daily eight cups of water.Sulfur or turmeric soapIt is good to wash the face with this soap before going to bed, after which the place of drilling is applied with wheat oil with a light massage, this process is repeated daily

1.2 Use lemon juice

for a week until the difference is noted in the result.Was the article useful?

1.3 Green tea

Remove acne stains

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